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Thousands Occupy Wall Street, Media Blackout

Posted by on Sunday, September 25th, 2011 @ 11:33 am.

The last week Wall Street has been occupied by Americans from all over the spectrum: left, right, liberal, conservative, children, elderly, Trade Union leaders, workers, groups from the left like: Code Pink, Adbusters,...from the right like: We Are Change, Ron Paul supporters,...from the hacker activist group, Anonymous, and more. But you'd never know it from your local news due to the fact that main stream media is mostly owned by just six multi-national corporations.

They plan to occupy and camp there for the next couple months in an attempt to shutdown Wall Street until their demands are met.
According to the group's website, Occupy Wall Street is a “leaderless resistance movement” spearheaded by the edgy Adbusters magazine, which in July issued a call for the Sept. 17 occupation of Wall Street.

Other groups like “CultureJammers,” “USDayofRage.org,” “People of the NYC General Assembly,” “TaketheSquare.net,” and many others worldwide have joined the campaign.

Numbers of those attending the sit-in range wildly from 150 to 5,000 to 50,000 protestors. Watching the following videos gathered from alternative media sources and vlogger's posts prove it is well over thousands at least.

The group “USDayofRage.org” are quoted as saying:

“We have had enough. Legitimate government is born of the self-interest and will of the people expressed by its citizens in free and fair elections. It does not spring from a tyranny of special interests, patronage, or a system or ideology that runs counter to the aims of life. Yet America is now a pawn of corporations using money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce.”

No more money corrupting elections, sabotaging democracy: “We demand that integrity be restored to our elections. One citizen. One dollar. One vote. Only citizens should make campaign contributions. Campaign contributions by citizens should not exceed $1 to any political candidate or party. Help us reclaim democracy …” But how?

Being called the "American Fall" in reference to the "Arab Spring", or Arab Revolutions; a revolutionary wave of democratic demonstrations and protests occurring in the Arab world this year including: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Oman to name a few. Their idea is to copy the revolutions' actions and maybe get the same kind of big revolutionary changes with our current economic crisis. But heavy hitters in the financial industry are already throwing their leverage to bear on the issue. Making sure the situation is addressed as quickly and as quietly as possible.

There are reports that Occupy Wall Street is being blocked and filtered on yahoo mail. Yahoo issued an apology in a statement claiming that it was a bug in one of their spam filters that caused any emails containing the words "Occupy Wall Street" to be undelivered or blocked. There are also reports that Twitter, which was first used by the organizers to spread and communicated their message, are also being blocked. And the New York Police Department has had to resort to an obscur 1845 law pertaining to gatherings of people, that no more than one person can have a mask on to start making arrests.

Here is one analyst's take on things:

"In short, you can expect millions will be spent to quash this revolution, much as George III tried with great armies after 1776. So get ready to see more clever ways Big Money corrupts the democratic process, the right of assembly, freedom of speech. Remember Wisconsin. They’ll do everything necessary to force Occupy Wall Street to abandon their mission, leave empty-handed." -- PAUL B. FARRELL (MarketWatch.com)

"Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Manhattan's financial district on Saturday in a largely peaceful protest aimed at drawing attention to the role powerful financial interests played in wreaking havoc on America's economy.
Modeled on the "Arab Spring" uprisings that swept through Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and other countries this year, Occupy Wall Street is a "leaderless resistance movement" orchestrated through Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools. The Twitter hashtag #OccupyWallStreet lit up Saturday with coordination messages and solidarity tweets." -- Julianne Pepitone, of CNN

The 99% movement:
"whose core tenant is that the Top 1% of the wealthy in America have essentially rigged the economy for their benefit at the expense of the bottom 99% I want to also stress it is difficult to understand who or what is exactly behind this protest/movement because of the strategy known as "leaderless resistance." (www.dailykos.com)

Protests also are planned for financial districts in Madrid, Milan, London and Paris, according to Bloomberg News.

RT Coverage of Occupy Wall Street:

RT Coverage active on OWS:

Occupy Wall Street Protecter Speaks out why about whistleblowers:

Footage of protestors vs. elites:

Cops arresting people in tent city:

Footage of diversity of protesters:

Day 7:

Rain or Shine; Liberty & Broadway from JRL on Vimeo.

Most interesting is that protests are holding General Assemblies (ala "Arab Spring") to discuss the issues and work towards their "One Demand":

The huge alternative media news site, The Young Turks' coverage:

Not even topless female protesters warrant MSM coverage:

In fact, the largest Main Stream Media coverage yet was on the comedy show The Colbert Report:

Here's MSM's CNN Money spin on things:

More current coverage can be found here at Anonymous' live video feed of events:

Short URL: https://www.disclosurenewsonline.com/?p=9854

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