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WE TOLD YOU: Perverts are looking to be “normalized”

Posted by on Thursday, August 25th, 2011 @ 4:11 pm.

Hey, if you know a pervert, a chomo, a pedobear….you’re gonna have to be careful you don’t call em that soon; it could hurt their feelings. Because now, there’s a group that’s lobbying to “help” them to “live life fully but within the law,” and that means they’re going to force the rest of us to compromise, since—for now—the law WON’T.

Of course, maybe they will….some day.

That’s right…there’s a group now formed to advocate helping the pedophiles live their lives and “prevent crises before they happen.” It’s B4U-Act, busted out of the little Sigmund Freud huggy groups and now making the national news.

Here’s their platform in a nutshell:

If you’re a mental health professional:
You may be disturbed by the lack of mental health care accessible to people who are emotionally and sexually attracted to minors, or by the unavailability of accurate information about such clients and how to work with them. We help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma, and fear. That way they can be informed before they work with clients who are attracted to minors, and before they talk about or make public statements about minor-attracted people.

If you’re a minor-attracted person:
You may be looking for mental health services to deal with anxiety, depression, anger, or other factors either unrelated to your sexuality or resulting from society’s stereotypes and reactions to your sexual feelings. Or you may be wondering how to live life fully and stay within the law. But you may feel you can’t trust therapists because they don’t understand you, they’ll judge you, or they’ll report your feelings to others. We help minor-attracted people find mental health professionals that they can trust. That way they can develop ways of coping and consider how their actions affect themselves and others before they react to their situation or to society’s attitudes about them.

B4U-ACT is a unique collaborative effort between minor-attracted people and mental health professionals to promote communication and understanding between the two groups. Our goal is unique and unprecedented: to make effective and compassionate mental health care available to individuals who self-identify as minor-attracted and who are seeking assistance in dealing with issues in their lives that are challenging to them. We want to give them hope for productive and fulfilling lives, rather than waiting for a crisis to occur.

Really? “Minor-attracted person”? When did we hear such kind words of acceptance disguised as re-naming basic terminology before? They’re looking to remove the stigma from people with a problem, redefining something that’s long been accepted as a perversion….kinda like all the homosexuals did a coupla decades ago, and they got ‘er done.

I don’t think this needs any more here; I have little left to say about it in an article except to thumb my nose at all the same-sex marriage supporters who have given me shit because I dare to dip into what’s wrong with gay marriage, which problem is this: By normalizing what once was considered a perversion, up steps the next group who wants normalized, and of course the next group are those who are attracted to children. Doesn’t matter if it’s same sex children or opposite sex….that’s their attraction, they believe they’re “born that way,” and dammit, people need to accept them!

It’s time to stop this steamroller. Oppose the “forward steps” like gay marriage (civil union is bad enough) and don’t let anymore of this nonsense take place by telling your legislators (and potential legislators) you won’t stand for it….and if you’re a sensible person, perhaps you should begin to consider running for office yourself….because you know the B4U-Act people are already putting their candidates in place.

Let’s hear your opinion on it. Post away.

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53 Comments for “WE TOLD YOU: Perverts are looking to be “normalized””

  1. sanner90

    im sorry this is just wrong next thing u know its going to socially acceptable to be into beastiality whats this world coming to :[

  2. Dennis J. Bridwell

    Can serial killers and mass murderers now simply be called “Violence-Attracted Persons” or perhaps “Mayhem-Attracted Persons”, maybe “Blood & Gore-Attracted People”

    • Old Fart

      hell sounds good to me and to the ones that beat their wives be called a domestically challenged person! WooHoo we got it all figured out now…wheres the place to start our groups?

  3. Old Fart

    Well of course its already socially acceptable to swap partners married or not. Its socially acceptable to burn your brains out on dope and blame anyone but yourself. Its gonna be socially acceptable for a child molestor to come back into society instead of being burned at the stake and its probably going to be with beastiality next…hell. we already had a Gerbil accident I believe in CA! As you say what is this world coming to, or as I would say. WTF?

  4. Dennis J. Bridwell

    I saw a cartoon that showed Elton John and his male spouse’s two adopted male children looking through the keyhole into their “parents” bedroom and one saying to the other “And they spank us for sucking our thumbs?”
    I laughed at first but I got to thinking, something like that could actually happen.

  5. Old Fart

    Its pretty bad when your kids tell ya to keep the noise down! That can really happen to and I know a fellar it happened to…his kids was goin all over the town sayin their mom was making loud noises in the bedroom at night, upon the kids discovery they also saw their parents nakid as a jaybird and well I dont think I need to tell ya what else they saw that night. What made it even more humorous was this man was a minister and it really embarrassed him, his wife just thought it was funny! 🙂

  6. Hannah

    Jack may kick me off here for saying so, Old Fart, but a business person that had to deal with the general public once told me that preachers were the worst customers he had on the books. Go figure. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t believe that gives the Lord a bad name, but it sure makes me wonder what the good Lord thinks about things like that. 😉

    • Old Fart

      I didn’t say this in the other comment but sometimes it appears the more religious someone is the harder they are to deal with. That is not how christianity was designed to work but that is exactly how some, not all do things! As I said I am no preacher but as I understand the good book it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

  7. Old Fart

    Ya sometimes the preachers cross the lines but not all of em are bad…kinda like bad cops, a few bad ones give even the good ones a bad reputation! I try to give everyone a fair shake no matter what has been said about them but once they prove to be just like the statements about them claim then I jump on the bandwagon with the naysayers. CEO’s of local businesses are in the same category while there are some good we have a whole lot of em that are rippin people and even their own company off! When someone speaks up against them they talk bad about you on the radio station and put a funny lookin picture of you in the paper. They even have a lame lookin cop come to the annual meetin! There is a lot of things the Lord probably aint to happy about and all of these fellars will figure it out someday.

  8. Russell NY

    …now, now, let’s not be hasty…I can see some advantages to this type of group, (provided they bring in a couple of additional groups)…like Butchers, so the Mental Health folks have someone to call in when the “Minor Attracted” person reveal themselves…and Sadists, so that they are assured a steady supply of folks to practice their preferences on…and finally the Morticians to dispose of whatever is left once the Butchers and Sadists are done… personally I’m not a butcher or sadist, but in this case I might be persuaded to update my skill set… 8)

    • Old Fart

      Look out you may get those silly morons all gassed up and offended. LMAO I think the shootin sounds cleaner but your idea is so much more creative and even has a clean up plan. 8)

  9. Russell NY

    …damn! I’ve been “moderated” 8) again!

  10. Hannah

    Hey, RussellNY, join the crowd. The ghost likes a guest every now and then for a morning cup of coffee.

  11. Hannah

    Ha…RussellNY, me too.

  12. drjekle

    Well ,from what i read,,it sounds to me like one of those ad’s you see on tv that solicit for lawyers doing work comp or SSI case’s.. cept that this one is trying to solicit thier services to be a middleman between doctors and patients..(the patient would be the offender).,,More like a caseworker,,cept these people are trying to start a business and profit from it…

    Just my opinion

    • Old Fart

      I have a feeling you’re on to something.

    • That may be the case….but the point is, there are groups out there LOBBYING FOR CHANGE in the way sex offenders are referred to, categorized, treated, etc. They will front themselves like this group, trying to “help before a crisis strikes,” but the ultimate goal is NORMALIZATION. Don’t fall for it, people. “Minor-attracted persons” don’t have any business being among the general populace. There needs to be steps taken to prevent them from perpetrating, because they can’t help it any more than the rest of us can help hooking up with someone we eventually marry and have a family with. Years ago these freaks were the responsibility of a family, who worked to ensure that they were never left alone with a child, and in fact oftentimes never left alone at all. Since we can’t return to that, there needs to be different, and yes extreme, measures taken….or else they’re going to lobby for “acceptance”. I’m telling you, it’s moving that direction.

      • Old Fart

        If we just shoot them all wouldn’t that eliminate the need for a change in our routine?

        • Sundance

          Old Fart, I’m beginning to think, you’re just an old fart. 🙂 No offence… :o:

          • Sundance

            offense* :((

          • Old Fart

            Well im not willin too live in a country where I have to bow out to a child molester and his/her ways…no offense here but are you willin to sacrifice so that a child molester can have more rights than we do?

        • Sundance

          Well Old Fart if you just shoot them all then you’ll be locked up with them in prison. Maybe not a bad idea. huh?

          • Old Fart

            So you are suggesting I should be in prison?

          • Sundance

            Old Fart if you start shooting people then you will probably go to prison, providing you’re not killed too. Now drivel away.

          • Old Fart

            I doubt you will ever make me do anything but what I wish to do freely! I also highly doubt I will shoot anyone “unless I catch them in the act” but I can’t stand people who hurt children and I can’t stand people who tolerate this kind of ignorance from those that do. Guess that explains our disagreement. Before condemning someone to prison you should take a look at your own standards! That’s a pretty harsh statement! I suppose the bottom line is you have some sort of personal problem with me but that is fine I could care less. If you think its such a good idea for someone to be in prison, perhaps you should try going there yourself! I also like how you totally avoided my question about giving up your freedom so a child molester can feel better about his/her self. It appears you do stand up for child molesters for whatever the reason. That within it self speaks loads for the type of person you are and any opinion you have about me!

          • Sundance

            Old Fart you’re a loose cannon that assumes with poor reading comprehension.

            It’s our job to protect our children. Most molestations of children happen within the family or someone close to the family or someone of authority. Someone you would probably never expect. Our children are our treasures and need to grow up healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. They are our future. I need to learn more about what Jack is reporting on this before I start commenting on it.

            As far as it being personal with you, yes I suppose you could say that. Some of the issues Jack reports on are good and some aren’t. A few of the comments are interesting and informative but mostly entertaining. When I get off work, I enjoy reading but when I open the page and see nothing but Old Fart, Old Fart, Old Fart, Old Fart on the comment section, I just close it up because I know you are just a smart-ass. If you want to be able to shoot people, move to a country where you can do that. I have to go to work now, you have a nice day now, ya’ hear!

          • Old Fart

            Well I am sorry I don’t have a bitchy, corn cob up my ass attitude about everything like you do! I am sorry I see a need to make a poke at an idiot! Since you have such a problem with me personally try looking elsewhere on this sight! Don’t be a jealous person and begrudge me, I have opinions and so do you. Deal with it! I have never had a sore issue with you and never mentioned you before! I have not caused you one moments trouble, nor will I be able to from the computer! You are not worth the effort to explain this to but I will hope that you have some sense even though you don’t appear to have much! Now do you hear?

          • Old Fart

            Hmmmmmm! Maybe I can move to that country RussellNY is from and work with him on the butcher and sadist theory! Guess I ain’t the only smartass in here, I just happen to be the smartass you don’t like. Read above to see what I am referencing about the butcher and sadist comment. Personally I found it amusing and probably as likely to happen as me shooting someone. Oh before I go…Sorry for having a good time on here tonight and if it bothers you that bad I guess you will have to call in sick so you can join in! Don’t be a stranger now, ya hear!

          • Sundance

            Oh good Lord! Old Fart, you’re whining like a 12 year old girl. This will be the last comment I make to you, because, I’m going to seem as miserable as you are.

          • Old Fart

            You call me stating fact and calling you on your own stupidity, whining? Have you been lacking fiber in your diet? Come on its not whining its simply that I don’t know what I ever did to you to drive you to such madness! You have just as much right as anyone to post on here but the personal attacks aimed at me will be addressed when they rise to this level! I wont keep you reading but just know that I hope you do stick around but please don’t be attacking me and let’s all have a good time. If we can’t have some fun here we might as well never log on. I would hate for that to happen! Have a wonderful day!

          • Now now Fart…..be cool.

          • Old Fart

            Ya perhaps should be a doormat! 8)

          • Old Fart

            Meant to say perhaps I should be a doormat. LOL. Im cool just not gonna wish em a merry christmas anytime soon.

        • Sweet4Sweets

          O.F., No one expects you to be a doormat for anyone to walk all over you. We’ve talked about this. I understand your upset and can see where you’re coming from, but look at Sundances comment about just thinking you’re just an old fart..they did put a goofy grin behind it. I don’t think they meant anything about it being personally against you except that you comment so much. Think about it babe….the WHOLE thing! You’re a decent guy from what I can gather and we ALL have certain things that upset us or is a trigger(probably not a good word to use here in this instance, but can’t think of another one right now)word to get us going. We BOTH know what each others is. Hey! I’ve been through the same thing with someone saying I comment to much!! It’s easy to let things get out of control on here from ANYONE, but it’s also easy to get things BACK under control. Know what I mean?

          • Old Fart

            Sweets, while I appreciate your concern and all I want to state that if you think this is about me posting to much, you are sadly mistaken…If someone says I post to much big hairy deal. I would say if they don’t like what I post then don’t read my posts. When someone rises to the occasion and suggest its a good idea for me to be in prison then go on to state that everything under the sun that I do is wrong…yes sir we will have some contention! When this person comes back and even admits they have a personal difference with me then its not a valid point its then an attack. I am not going to keep going on about this issue but I will say if this individual has some problem with what was said they would have had a problem with RussellNY comment about the butchers, sadist and morticians! Face it that was funny and most of everyone of us laughed. The only one who singled me out was someone who has openly admitted on here that they have a personal problem with me! All I can say to that is big deal and get over it. What else happens is up to the owners of the site. I am not in a capacity to forbid anyone from commenting but I will have something to say to someone who attacks me personally! That being said this is nothing against you sweets, nor is it against anyone else, besides the one who wishes to attack just me! I remember a few other spats that got people upset on here, I try to have fun on here and its sad when I can’t even seem too do that becuz some numbskull wants to be offended. As I have said I am willing to move on so long as everyone else drops this and moves on as well. Kinda hard to cool off when it keeps getting talked about ya know;) Sweets I still think your a great person, Jack you are Jack, but I still like ya, Ang, how you ever put up with all of us is beyond me but let’s all just mosey along and perhaps since I was promised I wouldn’t be commented to by this maddened individual we wont have any more problems!

        • Sweet4Sweets

          O.F. I know it isn’t anything against me honey, I promise! Let’s all just past it and not bring it up anymore, okay? That IS the best thing to do seriously! Now, let’s enjoy the rest of the day… 😉

        • Sweet4Sweets

          Ghost grabbed my comment there O.F…it’ll show up eventually, but let’s don’t bring anymore up about what has you so upset, okay? 😉

          • Old Fart

            I am ready to delete this whole post sweets…if it was in my powers but frankly whether it be shooting them or butchers,sadists and morticians I still feel child molesters would be better out of general population. That opinion will never change no matter what is said or done to me! I am just done talkin about the other issue that appears to be done and over with!

  13. uhhh

    Jack, eileen has tried several different ways to get back in and it just ain’t happening… =( I wanted to say I couldn’t agree with you more and sadly this world is “going to hell in a hand basket” !

  14. Old Fart

    I swear some people are alive simply because its against the law to shoot em! :o:

  15. Old Fart

    One thing I have learned in life is that you simply can not talk sensible to a sensless person.

  16. Sundance

    Definition of Old Fart: An old guy that is just not right. 😎

    • Old Fart

      Correct there asshole its a grumpy old man…in this case its a screen name so deal with that part of your madness! I have had enough of your selfish jabs. Just because you for what the hell ever reason, do not like me, doesn’t mean you are gonna tell me you think I should be in prison and bow down to a child molester. You can bow down and be their little biotch if you wish I will choose not to. Big deal if that’s how you feel go to work and announce how proud you support child molestors. Quite frankly I just believe you wanted to come on here and start some crap with me personally! Other people say sarcastic comments and are against the child molesters and you pick me out to start crap with. I hope you figure out what is triggering your madness and get it under control. Coming on this site and telling me you think its a good idea to put me in prison when I haven’t done a thing to you is ridiculous and I will not tolerate it! You can have all the problems with my comments and the fact I comment alot on here all you wish but you will not be the one who runs me off!

    • Sweet4Sweets

      Sundance, I hope you can realize or try to understand that we ALL have certain things that bother us or certain words that can be taken out of context on matters as well. Thing is, with the internet, it’s really hard to read or understand people. O.F. does have a really good heart and I’m sure you do too! You BOTH want the same thing and that is to protect our children! Hell, we all do! O.F. knows my trigger word and I know his so I understand his point too. Disclosure has a lot of fine people on here and both you & O.F are in that group. Hope I am still after commenting to O.F. and you… 🙂 I’ve always read both of you guys comments and can tell you both are good people! I just hope we can all be decent to one another continuously even when it gets tough. Thank goodness Jack and Ang allow us to share our points of view and debate things at the same time!! I hope you guys can understand what I’m trying to say..Take care

      • Sundance

        Thank you S for S…..I wish I could be as humble and tolerant as you! 😉 Home for lunch, gotta get back to work now! I’ve got tomorrow off but gonna be busy all day! You take care too…I always like reading your opinion as well.

        • Sweet4Sweets

          You’re welcome honey and Thank you as well! Have a great rest of the day at work…its so nice outside today! Pool has finally warmed up again from where we had those cooler nights. I loved them for other outdoor activities…just not getting in the pool. 🙂

  17. Sweet4Sweets

    Jack, I listened to the video clip about Il. paying sex offenders to babysit. Senator Murphy said so far they haven’t had any issues to deal with as far as any kind of child being molested or something to that effect. I have to wonder if that’s because they wouldn’t reveal if there had been or just because there are no reports. Just because there are no reports doesn’t mean it may not have happened. Know what I mean?

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