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So, I thought I’d never have to buy Chachere’s again….

Four. FOUR GALLONS. Of Chachere's!!!


Posted by on Friday, July 8th, 2011 @ 8:44 pm.

....but I was wrong.

Regular readers will remember the previous post about Chachere's seasonings, wherein I was tickled beyond compare when Ang ordered me a huge gallon jug just a year ago in March, and I declared I'd never go without Chachere's again.

I was about 14 months into that "never again" when I realized that I was running low. Yes, I eat a lot of Chachere's. It's good on everything....even breakfast toast and oatmeal. Really!

So Sunday, Ang finally ordered me some more (basing this order on the fact that I don't let her run out of Estee Lauder). And she ordered TWO gallons of More Spice, the best in existence. But then I interrupted her ordering with "something stupid" (so she says...neither one of us can remember, but it probably had to do with a kid or a cat) and she thought the order didn't go....so she hit it again. And I got FOUR gallons of More Spice. Ta daaaaaaaa!

Four. FOUR GALLONS. Of Chachere's!!!

I'm so excited, I can't hold still long enough to take the picture!!


I've had a rough week...& when I came home today and found this in the garage....wow...what a fine 'mistake' for Ang to make. It took me 14 months to use up a gallon. With these I should go 4.67 years....or, until roughly early 2016, at which time either the world would have come to an end four years before, or we will at least have lived through another presidential term of the usurper-in-chief, at which time we'll ALL be about ready for more hope & change.

So, I'm now ready to season my eggs, sandwiches, tuna salad, lettuce salads, turkeyburgers, fried-up taters, and even Friday night catfish (I haven't gotten around to toting a portable Chachere's container so I can take it with us on Thursday's ice cream night....but the girls might not appreciate that too awful much)....with the yummiest stuff you can get.

By the way, last year, they sent us my gallon sitting in a box of popcorn....real popcorn, not packing popcorn, which Eugene ate with gusto. This year, it was a full box of gallon containers, so no popcorn....good thing we're growing it in the north garden this year. Chachere's is good on THAT, too!

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6 Comments for “So, I thought I’d never have to buy Chachere’s again….”

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my word! I remember the popcorn story!!! And that stuff….Friday nights for us….I’m checkin out Disclosure news..nuttin personal tho! LOL..it’s all good!!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh my word! I remember the popcorn story!!! And that stuff….Friday nights for us….I’m checkin out Disclosure news..nuttin personal tho! LOL..it’s all good!!

  3. Old Fart

    Well Jack if there is a milo field near you, you can wait till the heads of that milo dry out and go grab ya a head or two knock out the seeds put some of your seasoning on it and turn on the nuclear oven and watch it pop.  Since you have so much of it I am sure you wont be out to much if you by some chance dont like it.  I am sure you will as Milo pops like popcorn but pea size at the largest when its popped and its not to bad kinda taste like orville redenbachers finest only smaller.  Eugene will be able to eat it easier as he is aging and needs smaller bites also.  I hope you enjoy this little trick as much as I did when I found out about it in high school.  

    • I had no idear….the field across the road from us has milo in it from time to time….we’re on good terms with those ol boys who farm it….next time they plant it, I’ll try some (with their permission, of course.) We ARE going out to the Wayne Co property the next couple of days; maybe there’s some milo out there. We’ll scope it out.

      • Old Fart

        ya just try a small amount and cook it slow it burns easy becuz its so small in size of course…it may not be marketable but if you can pop it without burning it you will think your eatin popcorn.  

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