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..like a fine croissant...

A shot of the beautiful Embarrass River in Jasper County, in full flood stage at MVP Happy Hollar, north of Newton

Sean Metcalf, whiner

The repulsive PeeWee Darnell

Brian James O'Neill Deux. Not Brain.

Posted by on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 @ 8:59 pm.

Here are your print headlines for the May-June issue of Disclosure, on stands in North Counties beginning May 3, and continuing into South Counties when the water recedes May 4. Headlines are followed by a dateline (where the article took place) if not readily discernible in the headline, and a brief synopsis of the article.

Jonathan Trout, punk

Mob action leads to victim's arrest---HAMILTON CO: This is a crossover with Richland County; the repulsive Earp/Trout inbreds are at it again, victimizing people to the point that the victim takes action against the inbreds, then gets in trouble, while the Earps/Trouts walk free.

..like a fine croissant...

Judge: files stay open in OP case---SALINE CO: The daughter of a prominent southern Illinois politician is embroiled in a number of orders of protection in the area.

Rumors about in OD death---CLAY CO: The death of a Louisville man is the source of many incorrect statements floating around

Bones found under home, specimens analyzed at Springfield lab---CAVE-IN-ROCK:  Full details on the story that sparked a huge amount of attention toward Hardin County, including stuff not printed here.

Secretary of State Police issue citations to two over stolen Jeep matter in 'rado---Billy Bradley gets ticketed and pays it; his co-hort is another story.

Vibrating condom lands woman behind bars---SALINE CO: The headline says it all.

Drunk threatens to kill arresting officer---CRAWFORD CO: Somehow, he got probation. Maybe because it was Dan Cheadle and Richie Cravens he was threatening, making it a good idea instead of a 'threat.'

Tim Monroe

Coke convict busted for DUI one state over---SALINE CO: TimmyTimmyTimmyTimmy....

Charged with getting frisky with wrong cop---LAWRENCE CO: This girl's parents should be kicked in the pants for naming her "Fallon."

Grayville man awaiting sentencing on dope plea---GRAYVILLE: Cannabis, paraphernalia

Serial doper busted again---WABASH CO: Getting the best justice money can buy

Welder nabbed for giving booze to kids---EDWARDS CO: There's too much of that going on in Edwards, despite Project Success telling these kids "not" to....

White man agrees to testify against dope buddies---WHITE CO: Carmi kid rollin...

Habitual drunk driver collared, runs from cops---RICHLAND CO: Another self-explanatory headline...

A shot of the beautiful Embarrass River in Jasper County, in full flood stage at MVP Happy Hollar, north of Newton

2011 MIDWEST FLOOD---Four full pages of coverage of the massive flood, mostly South Counties, but some North Counties, and we've already had our asses chewed because there's nothing in there from New Haven, so when we go down there tomorrow, we'll shoot some...we apologize, but production week, as it turns out, isn't a good time to cover a flood...which is why we were asking for photos, and we got them from everywhere BUT New Haven. So hopefully we can get there tomorrow (Wednesday)....y'all keep the streets open for us....

Police chief in yet another high-speed chase---ELDORADO: -100 mph down city streets? That your STD for ya.

Killer sentenced 15 to 18 years but his family is told he will only serve 5-plus---SALINE CO: John C. Curtis will only be Bubba's girlfriend for about a third of the time that he should be.

Meth busts highlight recent drug arrests---WABASH CO: Four absolute beauty queens and a guy who merely LOOKS like a queen busted from all over the place, including one from 'rado.

Charged with meth, pot, paraphernalia---RICHLAND CO: And yet another self-explanatory one.

Teen faces child porn charges---WAYNE CO: Not part of LisaLisa Madigan's Operation Glass House....at least, that we know of.

Charged with taking anhydrous---GALLATIN CO: Jason Seavers again? Yes.

Multiple OPs requested against Mt. Erie man---One of the weirdest stories we've come across in years....

One of two gets 10 in anhydrous heist case---HAMILTON CO: Bell & Carlile are facing the music.

Theft charge could land habitual crim hard time---RICHLAND CO: One of Olney's worst, and all those unpaid fines and fees...

Sean Metcalf, whiner

Deputy's home hit by trio of teens---HAMILTON CO: Was the hit on Sandusky's place by design or a total accident?

Whiny doper finally popped for meth manufacture---HAMILTON CO: and the best part about it is that his wife is going to roll on him.

P'burg chronic drunk driver facing felony---RICHLAND CO: Wasn't this the guy that the probation officer drove into the floodwaters of Burnt Prairie a few years back?

Man tells cops he was just "getting high"---SALINE CO: Michael Hall. DerkaDerkaDerka....

Man faces eight counts related to kidnapping---WAYNE CO: This guy has to be delusional...thinking people are narcs...

Publisher's step=daughter jumps recog bond---LAWRENCE CO: Did Olney man help our kid skip town? If anyone knows Jay Sechrest, let us know....

Speeder popped for placing pills in panties---SALINE CO: Just when you think we'd gotten rid of Carolyn McGhee....

Smokey & the Bandit reenactment doesn't end well for the bandit---HAMILTON CO: Another Gallamore, another wild crime....

Charged with illegally obtaining money with credit/debit card---RICHLAND CO: Confusing facts of the case, but then again, this would be David Hyde's handiwork.

Chief's daughter charged, then dismissed, in circuit court---RIDGWAY: Ah April....just calm down, girl.

POS. And his truck.

Busted hiding in weeds while meth cooks---SALINE CO: These gals used the ol 'hunting for arrowheads' ploy to try to get out of trouble.d

Police chief's former drug partner busted---LAWRENCE CO: Two worthless people: PeeWee Darnell, and Josh DeCausey.

Unbalanced state police investigator could damage molestation case---EDWARDS CO: We're wondering when Rick White is going to be busted.

From underage drinking to selling scripts in 3 years---CRAWFORD CO: Unlawful Consumption IS the 'gateway crime'.

Charged with prescription fraud---GALLATIN CO: There's a reason they call it dope.

Woman claims drug couple living in tent in driveway---SALINE CO: Hilarious = "she hit me!" "well, she's living in a tent in my driveway!"

John B. getting to stay in grandma's house til May 16---EQUALITY: Will he or won't he be booted outta that house on May 16?

Duo faces charges in purloined purse case---CLAY CO: Aother opportunity for Mary Beth Welch Collins to polish up her law degree.

Foreclosure imminent on home of former flyer---FLORA: Kevin Surrell, being pursued from the grave

Woman-on-woman crime charged in slap-down---JASPER CO: With a headline like that, who needs a synopsis?

Pampering no deterrent for many with history---CLAY CO: This doesn't have anything to do with a day spa.

Trio of batterings and stalking charge land two behind bars---WABASH CO: Bodily harm caused to officer Art Kimmel.

Stoned ATV driving charged---HAMILTON CO: Again....why explain it here; ya just gotta read it.

Traffic stop leads to DUI, drug arrest---WHITE CO: People are still drinking & driving? That's so gauche.

Repeat offender busted with dope---CRAWFORD CO: A familiar name in Robinson and Hutsonville re-emerges

Man faces handful of drug charges---WHITE CO: There's something already wrong with this guy when Brian Gwaltney  is the one bonding him out.

Brian James O'Neill Deux. Not Brain.

Post-election wrap-up: Where the numbers were and where the numbers WEREN'T, including the most recent gibberish from Brian Jame O'Neill from last week's Olney city council meeting.

Lee Rankin's submersible---WAYNE CO: Lee Rankin and brilliance are antithetical.

Fort trial continued from May; will it go in June?---SALINE CO: The run-down as the count-down begins.

No one makes claim against Junction house but the ex-missus---GALLATIN/JACKSON COs: What are Tina's chances that she'll get the house back?

The dufus also known as Rodney L. Marcum

Cocaine deliverer's fingered 'supplier' in small claims court---SALINE CO: Kathy Reimer's estate is trying to collect on a big check to ol Rod.

E911 director's squeeze finally dumps husband---LAWRENCE CO: "But, there's nothing going on between Jess and Julie!!" Yeah. Riiiiiiiiight. (Yes, we know. Typo on the "E911 director"....that's what we get for fighting too many fronts without enough soldiers. If you all can bear with us, we'll try not to be so tired that we get "EMA director" confused with "E911 director"---they're all one and the damn same to us, which is to say, USELESS---but until we get a few things accomplished, typos like this are going to keep happening.)


Surly & Uncooperative---The challenges of 'older folk exercise' are many

Icy---Addressing things coming apart at the seams

Prose & Cons---Bubba bent over bloviating busybodies

Keepin it Kleen---'Cast down your bucket where you are' (We are thrilled to have Michael Kleen as a regular contributor!)

Old Fart---Who will win the PHHHHHBBBBBBT Award?

Voice of the People---Readers says John B. Jones = TRASH; Another 'John B' in Wayne/Hamilton cos.; A letter to Disclosure for the people of Clay County; From inside the walls of Lincoln Prison; Another concerned reader in Carmi; 'News' from Franklin County; Roscoe: Republican in Name Only

Back over your tales: The trials of Shawn and Jenny Lou Gibbs, set to kick off in Edwards County, are delayed when Shawn gets a plea deal; Jenny Lou's background regarding Virgil Denton is considered; as Disclosure readers were told two years ago, the Lawrence County Housing Authority director has been filching from the agency, and now the feds have found out and she's been arrested and charged; the Edwards County Emergency Medical Services director seems to be unable to tell the truth to save her life; Mt. Carmel businessman Kevin Fearheiley has been cited by the EEOC in a sexual harassment case; Wayne County sheriff Sonny McCulley has been exposed as propping up a local doper and accused sex offender, even setting up meetings with the judge in his case about it; youth minister of Carmi's First Christian Church, Robby King, has resigned, prompting all manner of rumors, to which Disclosure publisher Jack Howser says 'find something else to do with your time, people!'; Rollover Rands has wreaked havoc on another law enforcement agency's rock-solid case by dismissing a Theft charge against Mt. Carmel businessman Kevin Williams; Carlyle has become the change-of-venue locale for Second Circuit judges, as Irenia Cotner's trial has been moved there; Bridgeport police officers are fed up with Jody Harshman's driving around town without a license; Lawrence County has gone overboard with bestowing goodies upon philandering (and certifiably insane) EMA director Jess Angle, giving him a new Chevy Impala, which he's been driving the wheels off of; and a 70-year-old, married Crossville board member's tendency toward young girls almost gets him castrated by an angry father when Bob Lucas takes an 18-year-old "out for a ride in his new car," then propositions her, scaring her into tears.



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  1. Anonymous

    It was going great until the last paragraph, give credit where credit is due.

  2. Anonymous

    I liked it until the third sentence of the last hyper capitalized paragraph, I know you are conservatives, but please, give credit where credit is due.

  3. Anonymous

    I really liked the post, until the last hyper-capitalized paragraph’s third sentence. I know you are conservatives, but please, can’t you give credit where credit is due? Bush, even though he accomplished the mission, lol, never got it done, and now it is.

    • Sorry…I let her do that because she feels very strongly about it. But we’re not really going to address the thing, because it’s so convoluted….so this is all we’re giving. For now anyway. And hey, we’re so sorry you’re having trouble with the new commenting system. Please stay patient with it..!

  4. Anonymous

    sorry about all that repeated stuff, obviously just getting used to the new system. As you see I keep getting more heated up with each comment, you’ll all be glad you’ll only be getting my first from here on out, I hope.

  5. Anonymous

    I only wanted to comment once, it was disquis which allowed me to continue ad nauseum.

  6. Anonymous

    Jack, is it my thing which is convoluted? I only wanted to make one comment, but it was so unclear as to whether it was posting or not.

  7. Anonymous

    I’d like to delete all my prior comments. With the promise that I will not attempt to post again.

  8. Old Fart

    Idk how quick the unbalanced state police investigator will get busted but I bet he will be found guilty once he is busted…he’s worse than a quack doctor, perhaps a psychiatric evaluation is in order…can’t say the other cuz he wuld crap a wad and have me arrested but the other option is cheaper and cures ailments such as this permanently

  9. Old Fart

    Lee Rankin “submersible” haha well to bad he didn’t fall in the deepest part of the creek he went wading in, heard he wet his britches a little…hey Lee I heard those Red and Blues looked real perty on the back water…why didn’t u use an older car much like the one you’re patrollin in now to total out in a flood…youre a dumbass for usin a new car to do this…what a waste of taxpayers money and im not just talkin about the car im referring to your salary,commissions and tips you receive as well

  10. Anonymous

    Jack and Ang, This is, yet again, another awesome print edition! Very informative with great coverage and photos with the flood waters. It was all great, the whole entire paper. Thank you!!

  11. Anonymous

    I would like to add, that I do believe as Angela does about Osama Bin Laden and his kidney failure and had to have died years ago. I told MANY people when I read and heard of his kidney failure that he wouldn’t be able last long without sufficient health care. Why are they not wanting his remains to be viewed? To gruesome? My A$$! We got to see Saddam Husseins A$$ caught and executed on youtube. He was burrowing down like a freaking RAT does when cornered and we got to see him being brought out of his hole and his execution. Sorry Jack and Ang..I know, I was ranting there!

  12. You do have to be impressed with how amazingly well the US govt not only fooled the American people into believing Osama was still alive, but also every other intelligence agency and government in the entire world. Not to mention Al Queda itself, unless all the reports we are now reading, from plenty of non-American news sources, about the power struggle currently underway to succeed Osama as leader (mostly between Ayman Zawahiri and Abu Yahya al-Libi….how we managed to convince THOSE guys that Osama was still alive is truly a wonder. Unless……all of Al-Queda is in on the conspiracy too. Hmm. The US govt, in conspiracy with every other nation on earth, European, Asian, Arab, African….AND all their terrorist enemies too….conspiring together in order to….wait, I lost it. And then announcing he’s dead, and getting Al-Queda to play along and pretend to fight over a successor, in order to….wait, I lost it again.

    • Yeah, you lost it alright….sounds like you never had it.

      If you consider that Al Qaida (proper spelling) is nothing but a CIA construct, and originated as little but a database (we wrote about that five years ago), and also take into consideration that ALL the world governments are pushing us headlong into a one-world government (a plan that’s not a secret, it’s on the books, and all leaders are very open about it when actually asked, it’s just that boobs like you don’t have the intellect to ask)….well, you just described it. Even though you can’t get what passes for you as a head around it.

      • Oh, I can get my head around it all right. I’ll admit I’m not convinced it’s true, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get the concept. Give me a time frame for when the curtain comes up and all is revealed and the one-world government becomes reality and we finally learn that the CIA invented Al Qaida (a thousand pardons for the spelling…a quick glance through the comments here should have told me how seriously Disclosure and its readers takes grammar and punctuation) and all countries on earth are in on it. I promise I’ll come back and eat my words.

        • O believe me, Lido…by the time it’s here, A) you won’t realize it until it’s got such a hold that it’s irreversible and B) there won’t BE an internet for you to come back here to eat your words. So I have an idea….why don’t you leave NOW? Because there are only two rules here: You don’t disparage the site, and you don’t disparage our commenters. We have a couple who may not have the best typing skills but they are by far broader thinkers than you and your ilk. I don’t appreciate your jabs, so take it elsewhere.

          • I know this is a pain, but I do want to point out that the LA Times this morning has an article on “Al Queda”. You can delete this if you want, but you probably shouldn’t correct people’s spelling unless you’ve got it right yourself. Obviously with Arabic translations there are multiple options, but Al Queda is in fact correct.

          • It might be in Arabic. But in CIA-ese, it’s Al Qaida. The CIA morons who came up with it—and the literal translation in Arabic IS “the database”—spelled it that way in 1995 for a reason. Everyone else has since bastardized it, or changed the spelling so that it doesn’t literally translate to “the database.” But that’s all it is.

          • Fair enough. The Arabic alphabet doesn’t translate one-to-one with the English alphabet, we all know that. But if you Google “Al Queda” you won’t get corrected, you’ll see that many Western sources use that spelling, and that “Al Quida” or “Al Qu’ida” are also accepted. My point isn’t that my spelling was correct and yours was not. My point was that you were wrong to correct my spelling since Al Queda is clearly and widely used and accepted.

          • Good enough, point made. And btw your screen name is one of our all-time favorite Boz songs.

  13. Anonymous

    I would like to thank the Disclosure for taking the time to expose some of the behavior that is allowed to take place around here if you have enough power. The article about the “sealing of public records” was very professional and factual. It restored my faith in the judicial system.

    Even though I have joint custody, I haven’t seen my son since April 6th when I watched him ride away in the back of a squad car. That must have been a memorable experience for him. It’s nice to know that a foundation exists that would be willing to go to such great lengths to make sure that a young child is taken away from the only parent in the country and returned to some new step grandparents that he barely knows.

    It’s heart warming to see that the famous grandfather cared so much about his grandson’s safety that he demanded that the police go get him so that he could give him a ride to Nashville, IL and drop him off with people that he barely knows.

    I recently spent two days in Madison County court defending myself against an Emergency Order of Protection that would have kept my son from me for two years. This was somehow granted while the mother was in Mexico. No one can explain that. I won again. The very next day I drove to Mt. Vernon to get my son and she refused to bring him even though I had a court order showing that the E.O.P. had expired.

    I am supposed to pick him up tomorrow night. Hopefully, things can get back to “normal” but I don’t see that happening.

    It takes courage to stand up for what is right and I commend this newspaper for covering a subject that no one else wants to even hear about for fear of losing their job or some funding. Thank you for defending our constitutional rights to free speech and for your genuine care for the safety of our children.

    • Anonymous

      Your story and struggles have always touched my heart and you know that! I know you will never give up on your precious lil one. My heart was full of sadness when I read the whole story about your situation. Please know that I keep you both in my daily prayers! Take care My friend..

    • Anonymous

      Your story and struggles have always touched my heart and you know that! I know you will never give up on your precious lil one. My heart was full of sadness when I read the whole story about your situation. Please know that I keep you both in my daily prayers! Take care My friend..

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Sweetness_Sourless. I like your new name.

        • Anonymous

          I hope things went smoothly for you last night while getting “H”. The weather isn’t the best for outdoor activity but I pray you both are together and enjoying your time with each other.

          My husband and I had the great privilege to meet with Jack, Angela and a few others from here. They are ALL awesome people. I am so glad that you trusted Jack and Ang with your story!  I feel they did a  very good job in covering it. Angela DOES INDEED have so much inner beauty as well as her outer beauty…Jack and the others, you know who you are, I must say the same about you. We had a wonderful time! The kind of people we like to surround ourselves with. Keep up all your good work! JAM63, please know I always keep you and H in my prayers, even those who are fighting against you, because they NEED it. Take care and give H hugs for me every chance you get, okay? Thank you, my friend.

          • Anonymous

             Thanks sweetness but things could not have gone any worse.  She showed up in Mt. Vernon with paperwork that shows that some bogus emergency order of protection from 2 years ago that did not exist on May 2nd (A Judge in Madison County called during my hearing up there where she was trying to keep my son away for two years) has now been extended as of May 6th.

            I won in Madison County and the judge would have thrown the entire case out had he been told there was already an OP in effect since you cannot have two OP’s on the same person as they are effective in all 50 states. Instead, “Williamson County” told the Judge that there was NO OP in effect and the last one had expired months ago. This had absolutely nothing to do with my son or visitation anyway.  It was just another one of her ways of showing me that she is the winner here.   Not me.  Not my son.  Not Disclosure.  She wins.  She is above the law.  This proves it.  The law does not apply to Kristen Poshard. 

            My son is now being affected emotionally by all of this as  we are very, very close.
            All that article did was piss her off and now she is using my son as a tool to show everyone who is actually in charge here and it is her.

            Sweetness,  I want you to know that the article wasn’t “my story”.  It was about freedom of speech and public information.   I understand what you mean though.

            My son’s mother thinks all police are non-educated low level peons that can be lied to with no repercussions.   She thinks all judges work for her father. 

            I wish she would please tell everyone why she just left her daughter one day after I worked so hard to get them back together or tell them how she  just “couldn’t handle her” so she abandoned her.  She said in court, “I have three children”.  Did she forget about her daughter? I loved her and my son should know he has a sister. This is reality.  Let’s get real here.  There is a child on the line here and I am here to protect him.  This isn’t about the parents.  This isn’t about the Poshard Foundation as  Mr. Lech tried to make it out to be in court in Madison County.

            I have tried to leave her family out of this for five years now.  Jo Poshard is the only good thing I see about that organization.   She should really quit trying to convince everyone that Jo is her mother too.  She is a good person that has kept out of this and has been kind enough to call and thank me for watching my own son while my son’s mother was stuck in a mental institution for trying to shoot her last fiance’.   It’s true.  I read it in Disclosure.

            I do not want to sound mean here but this is just downright wrong and detrimental to my son’s well-being not to mention completely unnecessary. I just want to see my son for four days a month.  Why would anyone who truly loved their child do this to them?
            I am holding her accountable for him.   I also think her husband should stop representing her as he is just making a mockery of the whole legal system.   Tom, just because you are a lawyer and know the law doesn’t give you the right to spend all of your time trying to keep my son from me.  You give lawyers a bad name.   Get a clue dude.  I am a nobody and I beat you 90% of the time.  You think you might be betting on the wrong horse here?

            All statements made in this post are made from actual experiences I have had in my life or from actual words that she has used.   Everything is the truth.  Everything else is just my opinion.   You are now free to sue me.

            Anyway Sweetness & Sourless, thanks for asking.

    • Good for you, I think you have this thing moving the right way now. Well done, Sir.  I hope this means that before long this ordeal will be over for both your son and you. You both deserve a lot better than to spend these precious early years in a toxic trap constructed for you by ppl who won’t put the childs interests ahead of their desire to manipulate you both. A little light can go a long way, and hopefully their knowledge that this matter is now being scrutinized by the public will help preserve the momentum you’ve established.

      • Anonymous

         Thanks for the words of encouragement bro.  Everyone says, “just wait, one day when he’s old enough”…yada yada…or,  “don’t worry, Karma will get her…blah blah”.    I want to be in his life now and he feels the same way.  I may not be around “later” and I am not interested in vengeance.  I still wish the best for all involved.

         You are wise and I need wisdom because I sure don’t know what else I can do here.  I will continue to fight the good fight as all kids deserve a chance to be with both of their parents.  So far the light has just blinded them more as I just received a $5,800 bill from her husband…I mean attorney… for his services he provided to his client….I mean wife.  I’d hate to see his bill if he won.

        Maybe the “great mediator” can step in and fix all of this unless he has his own reasons for fearing her. 

        A  lovely young lady in a certain courthouse whispered to me, “don’t believe a word any of them say” and I am going to take her advise.  Thanks to all of the good people that helped and continue to help.  The world needs you all and you are making a difference.

      • Anonymous

         Danny, I tried to reply to you but some yahoo conglomeration of letters and numerals took the place of your name.  If you didn’t get it, I wanted to say thanks mostly.

        • I have contact info on the way to you through Admin. I know it doesn’t look or feel much like it right now, but I really think every time you get hosed like this on visitation and etc. you get a little closer to being in the drivers seat. Hang in there Bud and best of luck tonight. 

          • Anonymous

            Thanks much. I accept any and all help, assistance or advice that can help
            me keep a normal relationship with my son. I will know at 6:00 p.m. how my
            life is going. I’ll keep in touch.

      • Anonymous

         Danny, I tried to reply to you but some yahoo conglomeration of letters and numerals took the place of your name.  If you didn’t get it, I wanted to say thanks mostly.

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