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Sunday reading around the Internet

Promo for 'Avenue Q'....yeah, it's that repugnant

The Arch might make it through an 8.0M...but everything else here WON'T

Oh wait....that's the NeoConCorpse flower....

....here's the real one. Doesn't look like much, but that sucker is almost 8 feet tall!

Posted by on Sunday, April 17th, 2011 @ 3:52 pm.

Here are some topics and tidbits from around our readership area that are being featured on other websites this lovely Sunday, April 17.

Promo for 'Avenue Q'....yeah, it's that repugnant

The Southern Illinoisan: Featuring "Avenue Q" http://thesouthern.com/news/local/article_79dc56c6-68a6-11e0-9a91-001cc4c002e0.html Now don't get us wrong. We're not the kind of folk who think 'Sesame Street' was the end-all and be-all of "educational children's programming" (there's a reason why it's called "programming"). We're the kind of folk who think that 'Sesame Street' was developed right in line with the globalists' agenda to ensure little kids growing up in the 60s were fully prepared for the Big Brother takeover, should it ever happen, with "I'm okay, you're okay, no matter what" idealism. But we also don't think that a children's show should be turned into a smut-laden Broadway musical, either, which is what 'Avenue Q' is. Of course, this article doesn't tell you that; it only hints that it's a "mature comedy" that has "adult lessons." It doesn't bother to tell you that the characters parodying Bert & Ernie are gay; the Cookie Monster character sings "The Internet is for Porn," and one of the puppets is a prostitute-ish ho who becomes 'born again' toward the end. It's not that these "problems" facing society are new and different; it's that a musical that addresses them does so in a cutesy and acceptable way...you know, along the lines of "I'm okay, you're okay, no matter what" kind of idealism. And THAT'S the wrong message being sent. Please don't take youngsters or anyone even remotely impressionable (governmentally-dependent 20-somethings come to mind) to this 'event' in Carbondale. Or, just do as we do (despite the fact that we really like shows and musicals; we're going to one here in St. Louis pretty soon) and avoid it altogether.

The Arch might make it through an 8.0M...but everything else shown here WON'T

The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut:  http://www.shakeout.org/centralus/index.html This is being promo'd on a number of websites, so we gave a link to the direct site. This is what the staff column in the current print version is about. This "event" is, on the face of it, a good idea in theory....but when it gets down to it, in practice, it's ridiculous. You can't duplicate the motion or damage of even a 7.0-mag EQ, let alone something as devastating as the 8.0s we had off the New Madrid 200 years ago. Yet that is what the organizers of this thing want you to "pretend" is happening on April 28, so you can practice "surviving" such a thing. It simply can't be done. You can HOPE that you're in the vicinity of something sturdy that you can roll under (if you can roll....which is to say, if the ground isn't rolling, as Rayleigh and Love waves make it do), but chances are, you won't be. Chances are, you'll be asleep...or at work....or in your vehicle traveling to or from work...so to 'practice' such a thing is going to give people a false sense of security that they know EXACTLY what 'being in an earthquake' is like. Which is exactly what FEMA, who is partially responsible for this debacle, WANTS! That way, when they come to offer their 'tent cities,' their bad food (or food they confiscated from people who really were prepared), and oh, by the way, you need to turn over your weapons before they can help, everybody will comply. Don't. Just use common sense about EQs as you would in any other disaster....and be responsible for yourself and your family. Everything else will just follow.

Lots & lotsa this stuff found last week....

Princeton Daily Clarion: http://www.tristate-media.com/pdclarion/article_0ebf82ba-6710-11e0-bab7-001cc4c002e0.html

Kudos to Indiana State police, who, in Gibson County on April 13 affected the arrest of apparent illegals allegedly trafficking a substantial amount of pot across Indiana State Highway 64, headed into Warrick County.

ISP first arrested Gregorio Chavez, age 32 (so he says) from an indeterminate address, who was stopped shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday driving a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am, by trooper Doug Francis. Before Francis was able to get the Pontiac stopped, however, he also clocked a 2006 Ford F250 pickup at 86 mph following the Pontiac. Francis got the car to stop, and another trooper, Kevin Waters, was able to stop the truck a few miles up the highway.

With Chavez in the Pontiac was another person with an hispanic name, at least: Anayanci Lopez (no age or addy were able to be determined; we note that no media is saying these people were without identification, just that they had  "age and address unknown").

The driver of the pickup was reportedly Armando Ramirez Cruiz (age also 'unknown', although he claimed, apparently, to be from Tucson, Arizona.)

A K9 unit was brought to the scene and hit on 10 reported bundles of marijuana in the trunk of the Pontiac, which weighed out to be 215 pounds. After Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were called to the scene, the three alleged traffickers were jailed in Gibson County, proving that if you're running dope across the Midwest, at least obey local traffic signs regarding posted speed limits.

Oh wait....that's the NeoConCorpse flower....

And in something you just KNOW we need to be concerned about, because it's right up there with the importance of which person got booted from American Idol and/or what Cody Brown's next wife is gonna look like, The Columbus Dispatch is telling us all about Ohio State University's corpse flower: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2011/04/16/giant-rare-bloom-about-ready-to-stink-up-the-place-at-osu-greenhouse.html

....here's the real one. Doesn't look like much, but that sucker is almost 8 feet tall!

Every year at about this time, greenhouses or botanical gardens compete, it seems, to see who has the biggest Amorphophallus titanum (corpse flower, and yes, that is reference to a phallus in the title) the world over. This year apparently OSU has a nice biggun. Wiki says Stuttgart, Germany, had the biggest a couple years back. Whatever.

The notable feature of this "flower" is that when it blooms, for a few days it smells like a rotting carcass. We're going to guess this is the draw of the thing, along with the size, of course. However, that's not exactly what would make US go to the nearest botanical gardens in late April/early May ("Hey, hon....let's get the kids together and go smell the rotting body scent of the corpse flower blooming today!!!! Yay!!!!"). We're more the iris and rare roses types.

But, the Associated Press believes this is a big deal, as evidenced by all the coverage in even local downstate publications (we first saw it on the Belleville News-Democrat this morning), so here it is, in all its repulsive-smelling glory. Good thing your computer doesn't have smellavision, eh?

Comment freely; as that's what it's all about, and have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

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22 Comments for “Sunday reading around the Internet”

  1. eileen ovaclosa

    The Sesame thing is wrong on so many levels, the leaf is a thing of beauty and I’ve always found the Corpse flower to be very interesting and would love, love , love to see one and yes even get a whiff. 🙂

    • Isn’t that awful? I mean, we went to see “Rent” a few years ago, and totally enjoyed it, but you know what you’re getting right up front: it’s “La Boheme” set to the 90s AIDS ‘plague.’ The Southern categorizes Avenue Q in the same vein as Rent. Maybe so. But there’s something uber vulgar about the puppets and the whole Sesame Street knockoff.

      And as regards the corpse flower….ugh. I’ve smelled too many REAL rotting things. No thanks.

  2. eileen ovaclosa

    Lucky Dog ! I’d love to see RENT. I’ve seen Urine Town (fantastic) and All That Jazz, both on Broadway , and Beauty and the Beast, CATS (my favorite) and Phantom of the Opera at the Fox. And yes, once you’ve smelled a rotting corpse you unfortunately can NEVER forget it. Of course once you smell that “leaf” you never forget it either and I for one remember it smelled quite lovely… 8)

    • We’ve seen Phantom 3 times now…first saw it in Columbus, Ohio. Awesome awesome awesome. We’re disinclined toward the Disney shows, and Cats doesn’t float our boats. I’ve never heard of Urine Town; ATJ seems a bit too vulgar, too. Best show ever, at the Fox, though, was Celtic Thunder. Our next one is “Next to Normal.” We’ll see how that turns out. Ang is really hot on the music from it; it’s very stage rock.

  3. eileen ovaclosa

    I saw ATJ without knowing anything about it. It was a bit risque but the performance was great ! I later watched the movie version before I knew what it was about. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t LOVE CATS !!! Love Celtic music so I bet that was good and I haven’t heard of it but I’m shooting to be “Next to Normal” when I grow up. 🙂

    • I would suggest hitting YouTube for Next to Normal songs; apparently it was big at the Tonys a couple of years back (since we don’t have TV anymore, we don’t really know what’s going on in that aspect of entertainment). She played a couple of vids from NtN for me last fall when we decided to buy tickets. We get notifications from the Fox because we go there so often, and we jumped right on it when we got the NtN notice, and got TWO ROWS up from the orchestra pit, which is the best seating we will ever have had besides “Little Women” five years ago (Ang got to see the idol of her life/inspiration, Maureen McGovern, in that one. Mo was sick but did an awesome job, and we got to meet her backstage afterwards. Kewl).

  4. eileen ovaclosa

    “You Don’t Know”…I’ve found my theme song!

    • Yeah, I swear….even given the subject matter going on in the play that brought on that song, and the rarity of that instance actually happening to a family, the song “You Don’t Know” is definitely something EVERYONE can relate to in one aspect of their lives or another….I think I’ll go put the vid up on the front page so everyone can see it.

  5. Old Fart

    so is the miss piggy look alike being a little slut or what…this is utterlyy ridiculous I can’t believe what they will show on the big screen the goverment inttervenes every where it shouldn’t but it allows this smuck wtf

  6. jrj

    Wow you guys must really be bird today.

    • If you meant to say “bored,” no, not really….I’ve been outside working in the gardens and on the garage, Ang and the teenager are laid up absolutely sick with this Spring’s version of Captain Trips, the Junior Team is at the hospital because Sarah has some sort of illness and we were afraid the new grandbaybehdolly might be born way early (not, though, thank the Lord), and baby Ev was visiting the other side of her family til early evening, so we kinda got our hands full…but we thought we might want to share some of what we found interesting—in a morbid sort of way—in the news today. Sorry if it didn’t punch your buttons, jrj. I guess you could tool on out to the house and go up the road to the neighbors and see what’s setting off their hound dogs…they’re raising eight kindsa hell right now. Very annoying; I like sleeping with the windows open.

  7. Sweet&Sour

    Jack & Ang, Oh my word! I hate to hear of your scare with Sarah and the new grand baby, but thank goodness they are okay. I wish Ang and the teenager were feeling better and Lil Ev too. I think people have a hard time understanding that News is what you guys do for a LIVING and to try to open up everyone’s eyes to things they would never otherwise know of if it weren’t for you. On top of that, you strive to have a good family life along with a little bit of an outside life. If only everyone worked as hard as you guys do to do right… Personally, I think the world would be a much better place. That’s my opinion and I’m sure many others as well. Funny to me how some will come on here to say you must be “bird”, yet they are here to check it out too, huh? 🙂 Tell Ang and the teenager that I hope they feel better soon! Take care..

    • Thanks! They’re still at the hospital trying to figure out what’s causing Sarah’s fever. They’ve been there three hours now. At least we are not going to have a preemie. That baby needs to incubate a few more months! And, the girls rested all day instead of helping outside, so it appears they’ve kicked it, for the most part. I can’t tell you how grateful we were that John called off the Tea Party rally yesterday…Ang was barely able to talk without coughing and hacking. Ev had it pretty bad Thursday and Friday but she seems to be on the upswing with it now.

  8. Sweet&Sour

    Jack, BTW, It IS full moon tonight so that may be having the dogs carrying on like crazy, ya know? Just a thought there.. 😉

  9. Sweet&Sour

    You’re welcome and I will keep Sarah, new grand baby and all of you in my prayers. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but, I hope they keep Sarah in the hospital for observation until they find out what’s going on with the fever, for both of their well beings. Sending many prayers and blessings for all of you.

  10. Sweet&Sour

    I should have said, “In a negative way” instead of “derogatory”. Sorry about that…it’s been a long day.

  11. Old Fart

    Its way beyond bizarre it went off the scale and broke the scale of measurement for such an event…if this is intended for children someone should be shot…they wonder why our counntry has such a high crime rate and child sex crimes at their worst ever then have something like this…that person or group of persons should be indicted as a sexual predators and sentenced to life in prison…yah maybe that’s a lil radical but by golly get the point across that enuf is enuf! Where is it goin to end if we allow this filth to continue?

  12. Yoshimi Pujols

    Just to be clear, Avenue Q was NOT intended for children and is NOT intended to be “a children’s show turned into a Broadway musical.” The musical is actually very critical of Sesame Street–the whole point is that these characters grew up watching Sesame Street, and that has made them too idealistic and has given them too “rosy” a picture of real life. There are puppets that are supposed to remind the audience of the Muppets on Sesame Street, and there are characters that make fun of Sesame Street characters. The creators of Sesame Street and the people behind the Muppets were upset with this musical when it hit Broadway.

    I didn’t like the musical when I saw it, and I don’t know how Carbondale is marketing it. If they are marketing it as a children’s show, that’s a huge mistake, but it isn’t the fault of the show.

  13. eileen ovaclosa

    I’m glad that was cleared up. BIRD…I thought maybe I had a new disease ! Hope all the ladies of the house are feeling better.

  14. Old Fart

    Doesn’t sound good for anyone with morals and no not the morals you find in thhe woods before any smartasses say that 🙂

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