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A sad, sad tale of a burial gone bad

Posted by on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 @ 5:11 pm.

GALLATIN CO.---Our correspondent is calling it "The Unprofessional Undertaker." And he wanted you, dear readers, to see it as he did a couple of days ago, unfolding.

He writes to us:

Greeting friends,
Yesterday (03.15.11) I witnessed a very sad situation that would have angered me to the core if this would have been one of my family members...
Roy Seely, of Shawneetown, a truck driver and very large man passed away and Cox funeral home obviously would never be the place to send your deceased loved one.
I'm sending 5 photos to show you what happens after all the family leaves the grave yard...


While the grave diggers were lowering the deceased into the ground something went wrong and he ended up head first in the hole and was too heavy to be lifted out by hand. The grave diggers were calling friends for help and wondering what to do... Well, (county coroner) Tony Cox's son (in the black trench coat) arrived shorty after a backhoe was called. The grave hole wasn't quite big enough so they used a backhoe to lift the dead out of the hole so it could be dug out.


As you can see, this poor guy was dragged out of the hole, turned on his head, then on his side and finally set on the ground beside the hole. Mud covered the beautiful casket and we were all wondering if the door was gonna break open and dump him on the ground. Luckily it remained intact... They finally took some old rags and wiped some of the mud from the casket and managed to dig out the hole and replace him.


In the photos you can see Tony Cox's son scrambling around trying to supervise the problem. I wonder what the family would think knowing that their love one instead of laying at rest and handled with careful respect had been thrown around inside his casket like a toy.


Tony Cox, the Gallatin County Coroner and friend of Raymond Martin needs a lesson in professionalism. I think I'll forever identify him as the "Unprofessional Undertaker"....... Poor Mr. Seely!


Wow. And we thought John B. Jones was having problems.....and, from what we understand, Cox and Son had been assisting Jones in an ongoing capacity, at least until Jones was charged with felony counts last year.

Interesting piece; we thank our correspondent for the details.

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133 Comments for “A sad, sad tale of a burial gone bad”

  1. Sweet&Sour

    eileen, very well said! And this too shall pass. Hope you’re feeling better.. 😉

  2. Nick

    Wow. This has gone way too far. Sweets got involved in this and proved my case in point. New commenters are discouraged from posting if they disagree with the “regular” commenters. I was the one who was attacked actually, Hannah apologized and all is well so for this to continue is really counterproductive in my opinion. There are two owners of this paper, aside from them, no one else should be discouraging anyone else not to post their opinions. I DO agree with Questions and Comments and think that we both have the same point merely because we are not regular posting readers. However, I have pointed out NUMEROUS times now, I am avid follower and purchaser and again I will say my clicks and money go to the same place yours do. So your posts, while are an act of loyalty to your “friend” (who you say you don’t know because you’re online friends) are not doing Jack and Ang any favors if you run off their customers. In closing, and this will be my final comment (However I will keep reading and following Jack and Ang because I believe in what they do), my original statement still stands. Everyone’s opinion should be respected and just because you aren’t disrespecting Admin doesn’t mean you are helping them any by kissing their asses and trashing new posters. This little online “clique” is counterproductive to the purpose of these forums and to the belief this paper is founded on.

  3. SouthernILGirl

    Sweets, Q&A was correcting my typo. They happen to the best of us, especially on shitty mornings like today.

    Nick, I really don’t think that the “clique” is detrimental to the number of clicks that they get… I imagine it actually helps since people keep coming back to fight their point. I understood your first posts, but the last one sounded a little less like “don’t be so quick to dismiss others’ comments” and more like “I’m not in your club and you hurt my feelings”.

    I may have been quick to jump to insinuating that Q&A is a dick….but chances are that I won’t be taking back the statement unless Q&A proves me wrong.

  4. sandy

    This is my last post so each to thier own opinion.Thanks for letting me do mine.Much respect to each and every one .May your days be good.

  5. Sweet&Sour

    Jack and Ang,*MUUUAH*, kissing some ass here.. 🙂 You proved that a lot of people follow my comments and I always told you I would do my best to bring you more clicks. I guess it’s working, even if it’s at my own expense…*MUUUAH* *MUUUAH*

  6. Badthings2u

    I knew Roy, and was raised up as kids playing in the front yard with him. He was a good person, and mostly happy with his life. But, like myself he would tell ya, things happen that however hard we try to stay in control, we can’t stop it. The grave site accident was a very unfortunate incident. I feel sorry for all concerned, but this was not done maliciously. It was an accident people. And, for some dummy to make comments on this page that I have read, well be careful, your real IQ is showing. Knowing killer as I do, he’s probably setting up in heaven and laughing at all concerned. So, make your oomments about killer, he is the one that most of us will miss terribly, and not concern ourselves with stupid comments about someone who can’t change what happened. In conclusion, if you have nothing intelligent to say, then say nothing!!!
    We’ll miss you Roy, ole bud!!

  7. sandy

    thanks Badthings2u I guess u knew Roy pretty good.U said the same thing my boyfriend said that Roy was laughing at all these things being said.He was Killers friend since childhood also. I said I was done with posting on this but u made me laugh knowing thats what Roy would be doing.Thanks so much for bringing a little joy to this article


    Sandy~ I DO Apologize to you for writing your name.I looked at the wrong post.I REALLY am SORRY! Please don’t let Myself or anyone else on here (outside of Admins.)
    detour you from expressing your feelings.
    Sweet&Sour~ DUH!! Really,PLEASE REREAD before you JUMP (as some of you like to do.)And I don’t think you have much to do with the CLICKS Jack & Ang, get, It’s what they stand for that get people reading.
    SouthernILGirl~ I AGREE with you 100% we ALL do make mistakes.I would and have NEVER said different.Don’t be so smug about it.Also I do not need to prove myself to anyone but GOD.Why don’t you go back and read all posts,You will find that I didn’t bust anyone chops.But I DAM sure won’t sit by without a word and get jumped on! If you can’t take lash back, DON’T lash out at someone.
    And by the way,my MOM raised me right! don’t feel sorry for me!

  9. sandy

    Thanks for the apology but not necessary . no hard feelings.your comments r as good as anyones. Enjoy your night

  10. Top Cat

    If the grave wasn’t dug to the right size ,then who did the digging.Isn’t it them that really caused this terrible mishap?


    TopCat~WARNING Step off,You’ll get jumped on.

  12. just stopping in

    Geez guys let the man rest in peace. This is nuts. Quit talking and move on to a new topic. This story is tiring. Let the man RIP

  13. sandy

    Is this article really about Roy? I have read and reread each and every thing any one has said.It started off slamming the funeral home directors.Then some how the ex sherriff was associated with it.During all this we have found out that the one in the picture was not who they said it was.And the one taking the pictures if he was a concerned friend he maybe should have gotten over there to help.Thats what a concerned friend would do. Not stand in the way back and take pictures.And Roy he is resting in peace.He knew who his real friends were.This is only my unprofessional opinion and I do not intend to step on any ones toes.Its just if you knew Roy you knew what he was about.He loved gossip,he knew everyone and remembered everyone he met.he was a kind man a happy man who died after having a surgury. His birthday would have been saturday.So read this as you may for everyone has an opinion. This is mine.

  14. eileen ovaclosa

    @Nick, I’ve read back through some of the posts but am still a little lost as to who insulted who or whatever but I hope you don’t feel as if you have any less right to post here than anyone else does.


    Sandy~In MY opinion only,This article was about an Accident that happened at a persons funeral ( It just happens to be Roy.)If the name of the person were not mentioned,the posts would probable have not gotten so off subject. But with many articles SOME get way off subject and bring in things that have nothing to do with it.I’m sure most,If not all or us know how thing work as well as who digs graves.We also all know that ACCIDENT’S
    happen,I feel the point is that the funeral home is ENTRUSTED with our loved ones and should make sure that things are ready for every part of the service.TO ME it seems that they were not prepared for the size of this man or coffin.And that is the problem.JUST MY OPINION. I too have horror stories of loved ones and so called directors.( NOT MENTIONING NAMES.)so I know the hurt it causes.
    I just don’t feel this article was meant to bring hurt or insult to Roy or his family.I think admins just present the proof and facts for their articles,as they have it. just my opinion,hope it might help clear thing up.

  16. Quick 7

    Roy and I were Best Friends and yes this bothers me a great deal mainly because I did not stick around to make sure everything went as it should. Accidents do happen, most times due to poor preperation and judgement but they happen just the same. I miss my Big Buddy and would rather out of respect for him not allow my comments here to take away from the fact that he had a hart of gold and never had a bad word to say about anyone, well ok maybe a few but don’t we all. As for the Cox family; I can assure you they made every effort to help all of us thru this very trying time and I am sure they were every bit as upset this happen as were his family and friends. It was Roy’s request to use Cox Funeral Home for his Dear Mother and they did a Beautiful job for her and it would have been his choice for his own arrangements if he had the chance to make the decision. As for what he might have said or felt about what happen in as much as I would like to think he would have made light of it but that is not the point of my comments. For my Best Friend who I miss I wish him peaceful rest. 10-4 Killer, See you on the Big Road one day.

  17. Sweet&Sour

    To everyone who has posted a comment on here. This was an accident, a horrible accident. Never would I wish this on anyone! From what I can make of it, Mr. Seely is probably laughing his hind end off, as his spirit is still alive through those who knew and loved him. The body is just a shell in which God puts the soul in. Once he took his last breath, his soul went to Heaven, but his spirit is still alive and kicking through those who loved him. You must keep good thoughts of him and keep his spirit alive in a positive way. I am honestly sorry if I ever stepped anyone’s toes with this. I gather he was a very special man and may God bless those of you who have fond memories of him.

  18. Sweet&Sour

    Ghost, please let me go.. 🙂 I am being nice, you know.

  19. Glock Fan

    Hello Jack,I just watched on a tv news show a funeral gone bad in Florida.Home video of the casket being placed on the rollers and it collapsing.The pallbearers can be seen trying to lift it back up.The casket came open,people couid be heard screaming.The lady filming was family,and was commenting on the national news show.Appropriate or not,it is news.And once again,accidents do happen.My sympathy to all of roys family & friends.

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