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Rocky Dean James.....loser

Daniel M. Miller, accused of sex with a 12-year-old

Jonathan Trout's babymomma (& barely legal in that), Kali Royse

Matthew Cessna, idiot

Hunter Dunlap, keeping up with the rest of the miscreant criminal Dunlaps in Crawford Co.

Mefford's female misfit, Annette Edgin Akers...in trouble

Posted by on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 @ 4:02 pm.

Here are your print headlines for the March/April issue of DISCLOSURE, which will be delivered to all vendors by tonight. Headlines are followed by dateline (where the article occurred) if it's not readily apparent in the headline.

Illinois State Police attempt to use media to burn one of their own---Richland Co.

Fort victim victimized again?---Saline Co.

Deputy clerk charged with stealing tax payments--Lawrence Co.

Rocky Dean James.....loser

Vicious letter draws attention to candidate---Eldorado

Preliminary held  for accused sex offender; graphic testimony---Wayne Co.

Toddler recovering after bath salts event---Marshall Co., Ky.

19-yr-old confesses to having sex with 12-yr-old; jury trial slated for May---Saline Co.

Daniel M. Miller, accused of sex with a 12-year-old

State-supported rapist convicted again; prosecutor put man back on street after he rapes 8-year-old---Richland Co.

Satanist gets probation with special conditions---Lawrence Co.

Cocaine possession charge lands woman behind bars---Wabash Co.

Warrant issued in stolen weapons case: shotguns, handguns recovered---Crawford Co.

Political aspriations cause bogus witch hunt; ISP officer building false case---Wayne Co

Presented award for prosecuting sex offenders; she strikes fear in the hearts of child molester s everywhere---Saline  Co.

While prosecutor drags his feet habitual crim gets busted again, this time for meth delivery---Richland Co.

Charged with obstruction for eating pot to destroy evidence---Wabash Co.

Arrested for running naked through the streets---White Co.

Charged with molesting little girl---Crawford Co.

Granny gets bent over shotgun shell---Gallatin Co.

Accused of pilfering funds from Head Start gifts for children---Hardin Co.

Whereabouts and well-being of teen sought in wake of Baker Street shooting---Harrisburg

Jonathan Trout's babymomma (& barely legal in that), Kali Royse

Convicted child sex offender gets May jury trial on Agg Batt---Richland Co.

Killer's brother once again the center of violence---Saline Co.

Drug charges land repeat offender behind bars---Richland Co.

New Years' bust meth suspect still languishing in court; asking for rehab---Saline Co.

Puppy tucked in woman's jacket creates chaos at the local senior center---Grayville

Shopping spree lands one woman behind bars---Richland Co.

Charge against former police officer proves bogus; still without a job though---Lawrence Co.

DUI charge lands one in local lock-up---Richland Co.

Murder-suicide in north Clay Co. village called 'tragic' by authorities

Fundraiser in Effingham "For the Good of Illinois"

Mayor's daughter gets caught up in drug-making impoundment  of truck?---Wayne  Co.

Former village police chief foreclosed upon---West Salem

Gets fines and fees on drug charge---Jasper Co.

No results after search for body spotted in river---New Haven

Man accused of stealing his neighbor's cash---Richland Co.

Monroe juror radar'd in Wabash Co. at excessive speed

Hm....maybe the reason Brannon doesn't have his eyes open is because he has a 'condition'.....

Effingham-Jasper water offered to north Olney residents annexing

Accused meth maker whines about his 'eye condition'---Gallatin Co.

Pair garners eight drug charges in one month---Lawrence Co.

Senior moment concerning criminal history earns  woman a perjury charges---Lawrence Co.

Man accused of intimidating the woman he beat so she wouldn't tell authorities---Wabash Co.

Kentucky sex offender gets nabbed in White

Suspect goes from underage drinking to dope charge---Richland Co.

Trio of felony meth charges lands one man behind bars---Lawrence Co.

Matthew Cessna, idiot

One headed to prison for beating of shrink---Edwards Co.

One-semester journalist calls it quits with hubby of two years---Lawrence Co.

"Designated place"  appears to be hotbed of drug activity---Richland Co.

Man gets arrested for yelling---Gallatin Co.

Charged in Cave In Rock heist

White  17 year old among recent drug arrests

Allegedly punches his way into the headlines again---Hardin Co.

Punk pleads to reduced charges---Richland Co.

Teen charged with having stolen cars---Lawrence Co.

Hunter Dunlap, keeping up with the rest of the miscreant criminal Dunlaps in Crawford Co.

Hearing set in molestation case---Crawford Co.

Lawrenceville city council: challengers face incumbents, opponents in heated races

Charges suspended in hospital attack following fitness exam---Richland Co

Husband in combative couple jailed after night of drinking---Saline Co.

Faces a pair of criminal sex charges---Crawford Co.

Second February shooting in Harrisburg; young Carbondale man arrested, charged

Horror of Julie Rea rears its ugly head yet again---Lawrence Co.

Former chief deputy/school board president requests bail reduction; mother  loses battle with cancer, no release for Fort  to attend---Saline Co.

Pusillanimous Pusey deals with hispanic---Oblong

Former sheriff moved to Florida; was disallowed to attend  mother's funeral; state  charges no  languishing in Gallatin court

Mefford's female misfit, Annette Edgin Akers, crashed and burned a few weeks ago

Misfit  gets pummeled in vehicle  accident, cited---Lawrence Co.

Flora city election contested; officials get along with constituents

Could there be change on the horizon for Marion?

Mayoral race an open field in Harrisburg

Howard 'the Duck' for city council?---Bridgeport

Joins Jones in strange lawsuit over crash, DUI---Wabash Co.

Mt. Carmel city ballot now pared down from initial petition pickup

Prosecutor cuts deal with confessed child pornographer---Richland Co.

Billy Bradley; & btw, the Jeep is currently nowhere to be found again.....

Secretary of State police called to Eldorado to investigate stolen Jeep

Harrisburg City Commissioner races: plenty of candidates, lots of input

Columns: Surly & Uncooperative: Does duty, prids & honor actually mean anything anymore? Prose & Cons: A sad, sad tale of vile attorney action; Guest columnist William H. Smith of Sumner: The saga of Barack Obama II aka Barry Soetoro

Voice of the People: (Ref. Jason Morse) feces floats, every  time; Questions  arising about DHS in Marion; Suggests 'Slumlord of the Month' should start in Cave In Rock; Writer has problems with current H'burg administration; Design Deniers; Concerned over lack of coverage of Lawrenceville suicide; Pied Pipers of the 21st Century; Wondering why some in Gallatin keep getting away with things; Disturbed by report of dog in Grayville Senior Center; Asking for help with daughter's murder case; Decades for dope, a few months for child molesters.

Back over your tales (from March 2006): 'Rollover' Rands lets a murderer, Shawn Gibbs, out of charges by allowing him to plead to home invasion in the deaths of Virgil Denton and Emma Stout, while Shawn's stepmother Jenny Lou is set for trial in Edwards County soon; Rands also deliberately dropped the ball on Wayne County sheriff Sonny McCulley's official misconduct charges, allowing the sheriff to plead to a lesser charge in the attack on Denny Boyd in December; the mayor of the tiny town of Birds in Lawrence County gets into a yelling contest with Disclosure staff at a meeting; White and Wayne counties are attempting to pass a Public Safety Tax at the April Consolidated election; West Salem's errant police chief JJ McVaigh goes to work for the village of Sumner and doesn't bother to tell West Salem; a letter appears from one Bruce Mendenhall, telling voters NOT to vote for Edwards prosecutor Brian Shinkle for judge because Shinkle refused to help Mendenhall with a problem he had with a 'lot lizard,' Lori Darling, who accosted Mendenhall's juvenile daughter; and locals in Franklin County are in debate over the motivations of a former housekeeper of county board member Terry Moore, the woman claiming Moore had sexually abused her years before.

Hurry on out to get this issue, so you can read up on the candidates in your area and know how to make an informed decision. We have LOTS of pre-election coverage in this one!

Short URL: https://www.disclosurenewsonline.com/?p=7075

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  1. Old Fart

    When will it be in wayne county? Went to get one today said the new ones weren’t in yet so just wonderin

    • It doesn’t look like we’ll get there until Friday…..we didn’t have time to get up there today, and we’re packed out until Friday. Sorry you have to wait, Old Fart. If you’re traveling anywhere else in the area tho (like if you go up to Flora or over to Albion or down to Grayville) you could get one there…but we’ll have em delivered before 2 pm at Cy’s Friday.

  2. Old Fart

    Well if I drive to albion could I pick up what cys gets and take it to them help lighten your work load

  3. Old Fart

    Heck I can pick that up to lol and jk but didn’t think about that part actually. 8)

  4. Brickhouse

    ROFLMFAO @ scrambling the doggie’s (I hope it’s a doggie???)face in the Rocky James’ pic.

  5. LasVegasLady

    That picture of James is really disturbing

  6. Former Trooper

    Your story about the undercover ISP (Incredibly Sorry-assed Pricks) really burns my ass. I am no fan of ISP and think even less of them after reading your article. Although it is no surprise to me, more people need to be made aware of the abuses of power that ISP is becoming known for. I hope you out the sorry POS source of this despicable witch hunt. ISP seems to enjoy railroading innocent people for their own sick and twisted motives.

  7. Meat Popsicle

    @ Former Trooper – The wavatar icon you were given at random seems ironically fitting. Here’s hoping a lot more of the men and women who can stick to an oath speak up.

    Insidious, Sinister & Political.

  8. Former Trooper

    Meat Popsicle

    Insidious, Sinister & Political. This really sums it up.

    They really are a bunch of self serving, self important SOBs.

  9. Meat Popsicle

    My post history here reflects that I have some hard feelings against ISP, so when the chance presents itself I do like to take the time to demonstrate that I know there’s men and women past and present in that agency who want to do the right thing ALL the time. My Dad was ISP patrol section and I grew up respecting that badge and it really pisses me off when cops get sideways and make good cops look bad.

  10. Former Trooper

    I only respect them on a case by case basis.

  11. Meat Popsicle

    Exactly, and in my experience by the time you find yourself asking WTH you’re about a month behind, and it’s awful hard to catch up from there. I’ve never had any problems with Investigations personally but I don’t like what I’ve read at all. My hard feelings come from an accident on the highway that involved my family but not me.

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