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UPDATE: Shakeup at IDOT? Resignation, personnel escorted out being reported

Posted by on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 @ 7:12 pm.

CARBONDALE---It's being reported to Disclosure that the Carbondale office of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has experienced a shakeup since about Monday of this week (01.24.11).

David Phelps, looking rough

The intelligence we've been able to gather so far is that local IDOT engineer Danny Clayton was reportedly escorted from the IDOT office yesterday. Escorting him was someone from the Illinois Attorney General's office, according to two sources so far.

However, this evening one source has said that former Congressman David Phelps, of Eldorado, who was able to get himself an Assistant Secretary job at IDOT after he lost his bid to keep his congressional seat a decade ago, has resigned.

This hasn't been confirmed by IDOT or any other official source; however, we're looking into it. Any input is welcome; post away.

UPDATE 01.26.11

The MSM spin machine is in full ass-kissing mode today, reporting that Phelps is still on and has not resigned. In true politico form, however, Phelps is taking up for Clayton, who was indeed ordered to leave the facility and his job. There's no reason for Clayton's departure---yet---and Phelps is also defending his own position at IDOT....which means that whatever got Clayton nailed will probably get Phelps nailed pretty shortly anyway.

We are hearing that it has to do with Governor Pat Quinn's pledge to purge the state of Blagojevich appointees, one of which Phelps was. People like Phelps and Clayton, we're being told, were nothing more than perpetual teat-suckers who used political clout to stay on the public teat depending upon which political party was in power. Quinn is trying to get rid of the Blago hangers-on....not like they're any different than Quinn hangers-on, but whatever...and Clayton's ouster might or might not have been a casualty of this 'purging.' Quinn should follow suit with Phelps, but then, maybe he's planning something splashier for the professional politician than being escorted out of the IDOT office....keep checking back....

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24 Comments for “UPDATE: Shakeup at IDOT? Resignation, personnel escorted out being reported”

  1. try to be nice

    Can’t wait to hear more about this, keep it coming, you do an excellent job of breaking news. In fact you do the only real job reporting breaking news.

  2. Top Cat

    I can tell yuo where we’d be without the Disclosure! With our heads stuck/not in the sand! Nobody else has the Balls to do this job but them.

  3. Moonrner53

    When you get honest people in office,They have to go so dishonest can move in.Tighten your belts folks!

  4. Bubba

    I have heard that Clayton was fired and removed from the property by the state police.

  5. Top Cat

    What was the reason for the fireing?Was he arrested?

  6. Galloping county

    I like your caption under David Phelps photo, you would look rough also if your entire career involved screwing people for a living. He has a brother and a nephew that are not any better.

  7. Common Sense

    If Phelps has resigned, will he be entitled to another govt. pension? Aslo, Moonrner, what honest people in politics?

  8. Lasvegaslady

    hmmmm…. I saw/spoke with David at Mackies Pizza when I was home for Christmas and he looked bad but I reasoned it away as that I had not seen him in years. I have always liked him and he was always friendly. Does he still sing in a gospel group?

  9. Moonrner53

    Yes his brothers and David still perform.

  10. jr

    Does anyone know if the assistant secretary position even existed before Phelps needed the job to up his pension? If not shouldn’t he have to repay all of his salary for this position? And wasn’t there probably like several hundred unemployed people more qualified for the position than an already pretty wealthy POS was just wandering

  11. Sweet&Sour

    Vegaslady, David had heart problems a few years ago and I believe he had to have some by-passes.

  12. try to be nice

    David Phelps “retired” today, says it had nothing to do with Danny Clayton,that it’s standard procedure when governor changes.

    • All part of the ‘purge’ Quinn pledge to make of the Blago appointees. Don’t know why, if these guys are out of a job, they don’t just go ahead and admit it…unless it’s part of Phelps’ retirement package that he say nothing….

  13. try to be nice

    I’m still wondering about the manner in which Clayton was relieved of his duties, that doesn’t seem like standard operating procedure to me.

    • It’s an ongoing investigation. Our sources were good on that the night it came in. He was indeed escorted off the premises, but what authorities did that remains something of a mystery. Our sources were certain it had to do with Attorney General investigators; but what, if any, police authorities there were isn’t something we’re sure of right now.

  14. try to be nice

    Fiscal impropriety, you think?

    • Something along those lines. Somehow I doubt the Inspector General’s office was called in to investigate poor old Danny Clayton because of Quinn’s purge; there’s probably something there that he did (ordered too many labels or envelopes, had em sitting around in the way, gave them to a friend or family member…something dumb like that) that they can pin to him that if the rest of us knew, we’d go “huh??”

      I don’t understand Quinn…he was Blago’s Lt. Guv….they’re not different sides of the same coin, they’re SAME sides of the same coin. I don’t think we’re going to be seeing a whole lot of moves that make sense over the next several months out of his administration.

  15. try to be nice

    It’s that “huh” moment that’ll kill you. It should be interesting.

  16. 1.68

    Well I don’t know Danny that well personally but I will say that I know his folks and they are the salt of the earth. I seen Danny several times and I will say that in my opinion he is a “totally honest man”. I simply think it is all politics.

  17. LasVegaslady

    Thank you for that update Sweet. I have been gone from IL for about 8 years and did not know that about David.

  18. Sweet&Sour

    You’re welcome Vegaslady.

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