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Big names indicted today in Saline County grand jury

Jackie C. Buckner

Saline's prosecutorial team: l-r, Jason Olson, Eva Walker, Mike Henshaw, Jack Nolen,

Posted by on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 @ 4:58 pm.

SALINE CO.---This might be one grand jury for the record books.

Forty-seven indictments were returned today (01.25.11) involving eight different men, many of whom have already been brought up on charges, several of whom are currently incarcerated, after the Saline County grand jury met beginning this morning and concluding around 3 pm.

Indicted today were former Saline County chief deputy/school board president Todd Fort; Raymond Moss; Jackie C. Buckner; Brian K. Bowlby; Cecil C. Gulley; Terry R. Wilson; Joshua Michael Gibbs and Jeremy A. Humm.

Todd Fort

Fort's new indictment has nothing to do with his multiple sex charges currently working their way toward a jury trial in May. Instead, this time he's indicted on two counts of Theft of Government Property greater than $300 but less than $10,000.

Many regular readers will remember that Disclosure obtained paperwork showing Fort, 43, had a private civil process service which he conducted on the side. The same readers will also remember that Fort was running into financial difficulties just before he was busted on the multiple sexual assault charges, with this being featured in the August 2010 Special Edition (issues still available at Graf Ink Printing in Harrisburg).

During the grand jury, testimony was elicited that showed Fort was using the Saline County sheriff's department's FedEx account for use in his personal process serving business. In all, it's alleged that he filched $618 worth of services over two years, so he was charged with those counts today.

Fort remains jailed at the Jackson County Detention Center in Murphysboro, unable to raise the other $50,000 needed to release him after he violated the terms of his previous release in September; see related posts for details.

Raymond Moss

Raymond Moss, 46, was just about to have his own post (and we still might put one up later) after we searched his file today and found some startling things....but the grand jury got ahead of us and indicted his ass. Moss is now facing a Class X Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault charge (NOT the current victim, Jenna Foster, but yet another one), four counts of Class 1 Criminal Sexual Assault (details forthcoming, and they are VERY unpleasant), two counts Domestic Battery (with an enhanced sentence; a Class 4 felony) and two counts Unlawful Restraint, also Class 4 felonies.

Moss remains jailed on a million-dollar ($100,000 cash) bail from the October charge of sexual assault that got him into this mess in the first place.

Jackie C. Buckner

Contrary to the hue and cry raised by his friends and supporters, apparently there was enough evidence to indict Jackie Buckner, 31, of Creal Springs, on his previous charges issued in late December of multiple sex crimes. Buckner is now indicted on the Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault charge (Class X felony), Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse charge (Class 2 felony) and Unlaw ful Restraint charge (Class 4 felony) he was charged with just a few weeks ago.

Buckner remains jailed in Saline County after being nabbed in Williamson, reportedly being hidden out by friends.

Cecil Gulley from March 2010 arrest

On the heels of his meth/controlled substance arrest late last week, Cecil Clay Gulley has been indicted. Gulley is being called by the prosecutorial team a "ringleader" in a meth manufacturing conspiracy that allegedly involved two other indictees, Terry R. Wilson and Joshua Michael Gibbs.

Gulley's charges are many: one Class X count of Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance within 1,000 feet of a church; one Class 1 count of same; One Class 2 count of Unlawful Delivery of Meth; one Class 3 count of Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance; one Class 2 count of Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance; one misdemeanor Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis count; and One Class X count of Unlawful Methamphetamine Conspiracy, a count that gets better people than Gulley sent to the feds (such as what happened in Edwards in 2001 and Wayne in 2003-03).

His alleged co-horts are facing a Class X count of Unlawful Methamphetamine Conspiracy and Class 3 count of Meth Possession (Wilson) and a Class X count of Unlawful Methamphetamine Conspiracy (Gibbs).

Brian Bowlby

Freaky Brian Bowlby, 36, has been indicted on the 20 Class X felony counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child, which formal charges had been filed last week, and one Class 2 count of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, all of these allegedly perpetrated against a family member, beginning in August 2001 when his victim was but 7 years of age, and continuing monthly through March 2003. The details of this are horrific and may be featured in the next print version of Disclosure if we can get them nailed down; otherwise suffice it to say if these allegations have any basis to them, Bowlby may never see the world through anything but bars again.

The last person on the indictment list is Jeremy A. Humm, who has been indicted on a Class 1 felony Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substance count. We don't have his mug yet but will bring it as soon as we get it; he may be one of the indictees who hasn't been apprehended yet. Warrants were being served as we were sitting in on the press conference:

Saline's prosecutorial team: l-r, Jason Olson, Eva Walker, Mike Henshaw, Jack Nolen, and newest team member Amanda Moore

The conference was well-attended by area media, and a good number of well-thought-out questions were asked of the prosecutorial team. Saline's duly-elected state's attorney Henshaw praised the work of not only his team, but of the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force, which was credited for identifying the insidious re-emergence of meth in the county that has given rise to enterprises such as those allegedly broken up by the new indictments.

Details of each case will be coming up in the print version, on stands Feb 9; click the PayPal link or send check or money order to the address on the "About" page so you can get your name on the list for the next mailing. As well, mark this page keep up with your RSS feeds, as stuff is breaking all over and is ever-changing....

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45 Comments for “Big names indicted today in Saline County grand jury”


    You now I’m not a Fort supporter , but I would bet you he’s not the only one taking advantage of good ole saline county ! I for fact seen someone make a post complaining on fb about how the county employees and city employees were using the county highway department storage yard for their own personal use , storing their campers , Rv’s , extra cars ect . Checked it out and sure enough thier personal items were stored there !Isn’t that theft also ? We as taxpayers don’t have the privilege of storing our personal belongs anywhere that doesn’t belong to us without having to pay a storage fee ! Just saying maybe those who have their things stored there should be charged with theft also ,or we as tax payers should cut the damn fence down and move our boats , rvs or whatever we don’t have room for in our yard !I say they are all a bunch of thiefs !

  2. try to be nice

    I bet Eva is not too crazy about that picture.

  3. Top Cat

    What is Amanda Moores job?

  4. try to be nice

    She must have replaced Lowell Tison.

  5. Top Cat

    Thanks Angela,I hadn’t heard of her before.
    It looks like ther eis enough work to go around for sure.
    Wont the Feds take over on the Gully Case and his Buddies?

  6. Dennis J. Bridwell

    FedUp, you will find that the majority of the elected and appointed officials feel that some of those things that you mentioned are simply “perks” of their job. There are many that go much further too.

  7. try to be nice

    These are state charges, I don’t think they were investigated federally, but locally only.

  8. Moonrner53

    That means they wont want to pay Cecil,s DR./hospital bills and he will wake again!

  9. tick picker

    What the heck is a personal process serving business?

  10. Top Cat

    I thought the Feds always took over when it came to conspiracy charges.

  11. Gingerbread-Man

    @tick picker, many law enforcement officers have a side business in their off-duty time in which they serve civil process papers for private attorneys.

  12. Dennis J. Bridwell

    Gingerbread-Man, I knew of some in Texas but in Illinois I didn’t know of any law enforcement officers doing it, only private investigators. It would appear to be a somewhat of a conflict for Fort to run a civil process service business since that is actually one of the duties of the sheriff’s office.

  13. 1.68

    Actually Top Cat there is a state conspiracy charge as well it is just not used much.

  14. Bob

    there is cops and all kinds of elected officials and big and rich farmers in the meth buisness too in Saline, White, Gallatin,and don’t forget Hardin…how u think they stay alert and awake to chase the trash around? it’s all a big game that needs to end

  15. Bob

    why arent they investigating mona moore at GC the county clerk that just so happens to be Raymondo’s sister??? hmm

  16. iptf

    If cops were payed more they wouldn’t have to do extra jobs.

  17. Jason



    Most of the cops I know are over paid.

  19. Hating Saline Idiots!!!

    Dead silence from all those Jackie supporters….Ouch. Sucks when your boy lets you down doesn’t it? Eva is fierce and she NEVER would’ve touched this if there wasn’t probable cause. That lady doesn’t waste her time. And just FYI-A lot of rape victims aren’t reputable people. A lot of time they are people who make bad decisions leading them to the one that put them in the situation to begin with. But the fact remains…when they finally get their shit together enough to say no and your boy can’t push his hard on down enough to stop, it’s still rape. Drug user, bad mom, liar, doesn’t matter. It’s still rape and NO ONE deserves that.

  20. bbboomer

    Just wondering when you would be getting a mugshot of Terry Wilson. I am about the same age as him and back in the summer I saw him across the parking lot. I had to do a double-take, didn’t recognize him at first but I realized he looked to be 70 years old! What a F***ing idiot!

    • Neither of us have put in a request for it yet; I’m not sure, but I thought maybe he was one that hadn’t been apprehended yet. I’ll have to check with the good Captain Underwood at the jail for that….if we get it, we’ll post it here.

  21. Jason

    over paid and worse than any people in Saline County.

  22. whatever

    Bob, you don’t seem to make much sense with most things but a lot of Gallatin County people are wondering the same thing about Mona and the rest of the Martin family, especially Tina and her family. It has been brought out that Marlene and Denny purchased the TV that supposedly went to the ACR room at Gallatin County and also that Mona was asked to find a picture of Jeremy Potts. What the hell???? Can’t the feds take down the rest of them or do they have Raymondo and that is all that they want? I don’t understand why Tina has not been charged Federally? She was just as guilty in all the money moving transactions. I just don’t get it?

  23. Top Cat

    I didn’t know that 1: 68 .I wonder why it isn’t used?
    I think the Cops make plenty of money .They make as much as some and more than other people in the County.It isn’t the Taxpayer that should have to suffer the burden to pay them a higher wage just because they can’t live within their budget.

  24. 1.68

    @ Top Cat. I don’t know why its not at the state level. But it is used all the time at the Fed level

  25. Top Cat

    I can’t figure out why the Feds get some and others they don’t.It is almost like they have a certain amount they want to catch and then they go after other people for other charges.I know it doesn’t work this way but it does look like it.
    It looks like the Sate would use all of the Laws it can to battle the Drug War.

  26. iptf

    Do you really know what most cops make out side of saline co? I really doubt you do if you say they are over paid. I agree state police and correction guards are over paid but not to many county and local cops are paid enough. If you knew the bullshit thay have to put up with you would not think they were. Come on do you know how many calls they get just alone from people who can’t control there kids. If you can’t control your kids put them up for adoption and stop having kids. The state investigators earn there money but road troopers are over paid for the most part. If you think that low of your local cops when your whining and crying for help don’t call them call your local meth head for help see how far that gets you.

  27. iptf

    The biggest part of your local cops do there jobs. It is the states attorney or the judges who shit on things. The cops get the blame why some 1 don’t get justice. The thing is you guys no matter how much this paper show you the problems with these elected officials turn around put the same judges and states attorney right back in office.

  28. fedupwithsc

    Talk about Officials getting overpaid ! Well lets start at the Saline county States attorneys office ! Dee Pelhank – retired police officer-security Harrisburg medical-Office help at the states attorney’s office ! Then we have Jack Nolen ,retired state investigator -employee at circuit clerks office – employee at primary care !These 2 make me sick ! Give the damn jobs to someone starting their career my God don’t these men have a family life.I think they just want to be seen at The Court house !Pelhank can barley walk , but he still works ! DK Brown -Retired state police -Saline county sheriff !Ken Clore -retired investigator – Saline County chief deputy ! Whats wrong with this picture ! I wonder when I retire if I can get a county job to SUPPLEMT MY 60.000 plus retirement ! NOT ! I personally am going to vote everyone of the greedy prics out when I vote ! Like I said wonder what kind of family life they have , evidently none . Nolen stays there at the courthouse to make sure his youngest doesn’t go back to prison for meth ! I personally was in a court room when Walden Morrris told the younger Nolen lad , one more time you are going back to DOC ! Well it wasn’t 2 weeks later read his name in the paper for some meth charges , well he isn’t in the pen , wonder what happen to those charges ??Time for a change Saline County Voters , quit thinking they will help you like they say they will at election only to turn their heads the other direction After they are in office ! Man Up People . Lets Make Saline County OUR TOWN

  29. Top Cat

    I think what fedup wants is for someone else to have those jobs and let them start a career.If they hired new peopel for those jobs thos people could get started liveing a life in saline County and not have to leave it for a job.
    Are all these position filled becasue they don’t think anyone else is fit for the job?
    I have actually heard some cops says this.

    • If they hired new people for ALL these jobs, there’d be so much on the job training that things wouldn’t get done as expediently as they do right now.

      Sometimes you need to put in experience, not need. If you ran a company and you were worried about a position that a former employee had irretrievably screwed up and had made a mess of the reputation of your company and the position (*coffcoff*Todd Fort*coff*), wouldn’t you want someone who not only knows how to run things, set matters right and take charge, but who comes with a decent reputation and can overcome the disrepute brought on by the former employee?

  30. Top Cat

    I get the point but why not move someone up the ladder and hire someone at the lower end.Do they think none of these people are good enough or is it the Ole Buddy System again?

  31. William Badazz

    Fort tried to arrest me for stealing my own truck, said it was for my insurance money, I didn’t have enough coverage to pay for the damn truck, had to pay for it out of my pocket because he wouldn’t look for the real thief/s then told me I never showed up on the police register because I was never caught doing anything not because I never was in trouble, who’s ass is in the sling now major Fort?

  32. OK,Dee Pelhank needs to go.Jack Nolen needs to go home too.
    But Brown needed someone with a back ground that would help the saline people through the bad s–t!He may have some good men working for him,But he needed better as of now.So he made a good judgement call,For the sake of the saline Sheriffs dept he did right…..Not good BUDDY BUDDY,But someone he knew that he could trust!

  33. wtf

    Trust well here it is if raymond would open his mouth .It would be great for young cops everywhere. Do you really think there was no troopers involved in raymond lil party. I would start looking back to think about who Raymond was tight with some are retired some are not some are already back on local rosters

  34. qiicktopoint1

    In reading this I realize that all of these people are convicted in your eyes, no matter if you knew the facts or not, yes Mr. Gulley has been known to be in a lot of trouble but who has really heard anything from him in the last year, I believe while the infamous Kenny Shires and Nathan Moore were pulling people over left and right leaving Gulley’s home how many times did they actually find anyone that had anything? Of course does that get brought up? The harassment that went on constantly, every night pulling people over and scaring the daylights out of people, HPD makes me sick, if you go to work with them, sell all the drugs you want, but don’t agree not to, let the games begin

  35. qiicktopoint1

    Furthermore I know Shires to be a stereotypical as%^&%^ who wonders the projects assuming anyone that is there or lives there is only there for the “crack” as quoted directly to me, wake up Ken, there’s honest people there who are just trying to make it in the world, you don’t have to give them a job or make it “okay” to sell drugs, set them up for a job and point the way :p

  36. Jason

    If they would remove all of the cops and let the people defend for their selves and get rid of the judge that dealed in drugs saline county might be a better place to live. Saline County is all about MONEY.

  37. jason

    There is a woman that is part of the states attorney office in saline county that thinks her rear smells like a rose, but it stinks worse than a rotten egg. I can not stand that woman and think she and mr Henshaw should not be part of the law. If people would get their background on them then they would know why.

  38. Common Sense

    Sounds like a Jason I know, but wait, he’s locked up in Saline Co. jail for possession of stolen property.

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