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BREAKING: Crystal meth bust in Hamilton County involves illegal (?) filth

Arnee Demonte

Joseph Gloria

Juan Morales

Posted by on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 @ 10:03 pm.

Arnee Demonte

HAMILTON CO.---Following up on the breaking news from last night, Hamilton County Sheriff Greg Brenner has issued the following press release:


Three individuals from the Chicago area, Joseph A. Gloria Jr., 43, Juan Manuel Morales, 40, and Arnee E Demonte, 42, were arrested Nov. 30, 2010, after delivering a large quantity (in excess of one pound) of high quality crystal methamphetamine to an individual in the McLeansboro area. Gloria and Demonte were arrested at a residence in McLeansboro and Morales was later arrested at a motel in Mt. Vernon (Ill.)

Joseph Gloria

These arrests are the results of an extensive investigation occurring over the past six month period of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine distribution in Hamilton and surrounding counties in which undercover narcotics agents have intercepted deliveries of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine being made to different individuals on several occasions during the course of the investigation.

Juan Morales

The investigation was conducted by the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force, The Hamilton County Sheriff Department, Illinois State Police, US Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Attorney’s Office, and the Hamilton County States Attorney’s Office.  Assistance during the arrests was provided by the McLeansboro Police Department and the Mt. Vernon Police Department.

Charges are pending in Hamilton County Circuit Court against Gloria, Morales and Demonte with possible Federal charges in the Southern District also pending against all three.

~~~~~~~~end press release~~~~~~~~~~

Disclosure received word earlier last evening (Nov. 30) of what was reportedly a massive crystal meth lab bust occurring in Hamilton County; the initial reports of a lab were incorrect, but the crystal meth, evidently, was right

We also received word from official sources that this delivery is tied directly to the Latin Kings dope-running (and other assorted felonies) gang.

As we understand it, the Latin Kings had, for awhile, been sending their rejects down from out of Cook County and into the hinterlands of southern Illinois, eg, Carlos Kamber, the pot-grower who was caught by the feds in Hardin County (Elizabethtown) last year and has recently taken a plea in U.S. District Court.

However, we've been hearing that a lot of drug activity in and around Hamilton County---and this could include adjacent counties such as Wayne, Jefferson, Franklin and Saline---have been tied in to local illegals and the notorious gang,  who have been gaining a foothold in the dope trade downstate.

Regular readers will recall that rural Hamilton County (Dolan Lake) was the site of a massive pot growing and drying operation back in September when the Raymond Martin trial was going on in Benton.

We don't know if these losers are tied in with that same bunch or not...but if anyone in Hamilton or Wayne counties are missing their low-wage employees this morning (you know, like Dairy Queen, Frey Produce, Mr. Vaughan and his terbakky fields, or any other farmer in the area), this might be why.

We'll have more in the print version, on stands Dec. 15

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80 Comments for “BREAKING: Crystal meth bust in Hamilton County involves illegal (?) filth”

  1. LegalizeDrugs220

    What would Jack like 2 know about the “Mafia Princess”? Maybe if its worth the intrest I’ll fill u in! 8)

    • I think he’s got enough on her, LegalizeDrugs. Given the comments you’ve issued here, I doubt he’d take anything you have to say into consideration. But I could be wrong; I’m just sayin, he’s busy right now; when he comes back on here we’ll see…

  2. LegalizeDrugs220

    I’m sure he may have some but not likely the real nity grity… Besides what is the whole ta-da? Her Father has been dead over a decade ! 🙂

    • Mm. You’ll have to ask him…we’re in the throes of production of this next issue….but I think the big ta-da is because what the FUCK is a mob boss’s KID doing in freaking HamCo?!? I gotta admit…with all the illegals all over the place (and we know the mob uses unattached illegal mexishit—and by unattached, I mean not gang-affiliated—to do their dirty work), it’s a rich field to choose from down here….but we’re going to have wholesale gang warfare going on if this shit keeps up.

  3. Sweet&Sour

    Ang, you said it ALL right there! That’s it in a nutshell!! It’s happening all over but when it comes to the smaller counties & towns around here, it brings light to what & where the mob want to hit and bring everything with them..not just drugs, BTW. :o:

  4. LegalizeDrugs220

    Well I hate to burst your mob intrigued bubbles.. The mob has NOTHING to to with this, :o: if you’S know anything about the Chicago mob they do NOT traffic in drugs let alone have ties with illegals unless they are there to clean their homes which in then is an iffy….I can tell you they don’t associate outside the realm of their own people, that’s a known fact! As far as your comment which I thought was cute LOL “I think the big ta-da is because what the FUCK is a mob boss’s KID doing in freaking HamCo?!?” She was STUPID AND AS DUMB AS THEY COME! I really don’t get what you ment by a “Wholesale gang warfare going on if it keeps up.. Elaborate…

  5. Hardluck Hannah

    @LegalizeDrugs220…Maybe I’m not getting your point here, so you might need to clarify your remark that the Chicago Mob doesn’t traffic in drugs. It sounds like you’re trying to make a statement that the Mob doesn’t deal in drugs. Is that correct?

  6. Sweet&Sour

    Now, I’m really confused! Sounds like LegallizeDrugs is saying all the “Chi’caca’go” Mob does is goes to “clean” their homes..aka..kill out who they’re sent to & move on? IDK.. Is that what they’re trying to tell us, Jack?

    • LegalizeDrugs has been ingesting too much of what he’s wanting legalized.

      What he’s issued is NO explanation why, of all the millions of hectares in downstate Illinois, Ms. Demonte chose HamCo—site of one of the biggest pot busts in everyone’s recollections just two months before her crack showed—to do her alleged deeds.

      And if that moron (LegalizeDrugs) thinks the mob, ANY mob (Russian, U.S. government, Sicilian, etc) doesn’t use illegal mexcrement to do their dirty work in poor little impoverished places like southern Illinois…well, he needs to hang it up. There are homes for people who have that much brain damage from drug use.

  7. Dennis J. Bridwell

    I think “LegalizeDrugs220” has went way past experimenting with drugs and is now into full scale research. Remember the old commercial that showed an egg and said “This is your brain” then it showed the egg being fried and said “This is your brain on drugs”?
    I think you could show an egg that had been fried, scrabbled, then burned and you could say “This is LegalizeDrugs220’s brains after way too many drugs.”

  8. LegalizeDrugs220

    You people are truly simpletons! When have you ever heard of the Chicago mob ever dealing in drugs? Sorry 2 say but this is not New york.. I must say I wasn’t aware of your big pot bust down state just as well as this case up here, people are not aware. It has not made headlines and I’m sure it won’t.Back to the mexcians, yes I am saying that the La Cosa Nostra does not have illegals doing their dirty work, that is such an absurd statement and I know you guys are stuck in your bubbles and your opinions will never change which is cool. I expect that coming from small impoverished towns downstate were it is flooded with drugs of all sorts, it seems you people down there don’t have anything better to do other then drive laps around town and get high.. To be frank I’ve never had a drug addiction or been a Recreational user I do believe that drugs should be legal due to the fact of all crminal activity surrounding, also all the money that is spent trying to prevent it. I think can be useful in so many other ways, such as schools throughout the nation…Building the parts of society that is down up and the list goes on but I’m pressed for time.. Happy morning!:)

    • @LegalizeDrugs: Here are two words for you to research since you know so little about what’s REALLY going on in our area and you don’t believe the spic gangs work with the mob (even La Cosa Nostra): Carlos Kamber.

      Might I suggest a subscription to PACER if you can’t find a lot online…because you won’t find a LOT online about some of the mexishit/mafia crossover. But it’s here. I don’t know what BS you’re being fed where you are, but we know what’s going on down here, and it’s absolutely gut-clenchingly scary, from the pot find at Dolan Lake to Raymond Martin declaring HE’S the godfather of southern Illinois.

      I think a lot of people let the implications of that last statement go right over their heads when he made it.

      And THAT’S what I’m talking about when I bring up wholesale gang warfare, because there’s another type of gang out there wanting these territories, too; and I won’t mention it here.

  9. Sweet&Sour

    Yep, but then, there we go having to pay for those “homes” for them and what they have chosen to do to themselves with their “candy bowls” full of drugs that have killed or damaged their brain cells beyond any repair(not that they repair themselves, but you know what I’m sayin). So, now, I guess some of the “haters” Dennis speaks of, will be on me. But, that’s okay, I can take it. Or, I can ignore them if I wanna,lol… 🙂

  10. LegalizeDrugs220

    Oh hey and the spics that were also involed with the case are legal American born .. just sayin…

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