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Stabbing at Hogrock Campground’s ‘GATHERING’ of ICP freaks: UPDATE

Posted by on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 @ 10:01 am.

Promo art for this ridiculousness

UPDATE: Our sources indicate that the stabbing victim in the below story was treated by Hamilton County ambulance, who were stationed at the campgrounds, and that he was not a local nor a Juggalo. Instead he was reportedly some kind of boss over some of the vendors at the site. The suspect in the case has reportedly been taken to Massac County's jail, not SCDC; but we'll confirm that Monday. It's unclear what his exact charges are.

Below is the original article in its entirety.

HARDIN CO.---Authorities notified Disclosure at 12:36 a.m. that there had been a stabbing at the 'Gathering,' a big party held at campgrounds in lower Hardin County outside of Cave-in-Rock.

According to reports we received directly from a south counties law enforcement officer, Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner requested units from Saline County and District 19's Illinois State Police out of Carmi (which covers Hardin County) at 12:41 a.m.

A deputy identified by our source as #933 advised at about that same time that there was a group of Juggalos chanting "F*#k the police!" advancing toward him at the site. Our source, listening on his police radio, said he "sounded stressed."

However, at 12:44, law enforcement officials at the scene did note that they believed the suspect in the stabbing was in custody of the security crew at the campgrounds.

That was the last communication from our source; we'll be looking into the matter as the weekend progresses, and likely have a mug shot and charges for you on Monday.

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44 Comments for “Stabbing at Hogrock Campground’s ‘GATHERING’ of ICP freaks: UPDATE”

  1. I was listening to the scanner as two saline deputies were headed that way.
    There was 5 Juggalos&Juggalets that was involved in the auto roll over near Ridgway.Two were ejected from the auto.
    Was told by Cheif Kitchens of Ridgway they had lost a tireor wheel.

  2. Hardluck Hannah

    Admin, are you absolutely sure that Dist 19 ISP covers Hardin County. For some reason I thought it was Dist 13. Dist 19 dispatcher ought to know, I guess.

    • I’m not sure either. I’m just reporting it the way our source reported it to us. If it turns out he’s wrong, I’ll correct it. He was reporting it as it was happening, and I guess that could have been an honest mistake. From what I gather, he was listening from an adjoining county.

  3. TJS

    I believe, but could be wrong that Hardin is out of Ullin ISP..not 100% though

  4. randy

    District 22 at Ullin covers Hardin County.

  5. Sundance

    Any word on the stabbing victim?

  6. Top Cat

    I wonder why they don’t have the same amount of State Cops at the Gathering as they did in the Old Shawneetown Street Rally?
    I bet they could make more arrest for drugs at the Gathering.

    • There hasn’t been any word on the victim. & to Top Cat, because it’s a private campground, the state police can’t be out there unless they’re invited, basically, or unless there is a reported crime that allows them on the private property.

  7. Sundance

    It’s private property. The Law Enforcement can’t go on the property.

  8. Sundance

    They’re only called when they have a dead body to pick up. I was impressed, no one died last year.

  9. They can go on that property if they have a warrent for somebody.But they have to go by what the warrent says,They cant use a warrent just to go in and arrest anybody or for what they see!

  10. Top Cat

    I thought it was last year when the young man died from the heat.As hot as it has been this year its a wonder several haven’t died.

  11. raynee robb

    Just for your information. Nobody has ever died at the gathering period. Just because one person was stupid does not mean you can judge the other 20 thousand people that are here. That would make you close minded.

    • @raynee robb: I don’t judge them on their stupidity. I judge them because they prefer a type of “music” that glorifies murder, rape, cannibalism, dope, violence, etc. The kind of person who believes those types of things should be glorified in song lyrics, and who attends such ‘activities’ where it’s glorified, and where there are underage people engaging in all sorts of illegal acts, rates far, far, far beyond STUPID in my book.

  12. Sundance

    2007 Shane Barnett died after he wondered off into the woods. That year there was excessive heat. 2008 a young man died in his tent from a drug overdose. There was also an accident on Interstate 64 near Envansville that killed one after they left the venue. As far as I know no one died last year.

  13. Well if a breeze does come up and people feel it,They will passout over the smell of each other.

  14. I anit right and know it! LOL

  15. Kashman

    So if I decide to have a get together on my property and have underage drinking and all kinds of illegal activity going on, then the cops can’t come on it unless I invite them? What are they vampires? Whatever happened to probable cause?

  16. Kashman

    and District 22 is what covers Hardin County.

  17. newton

    PROBABLE CAUSE trumps property rights every time!

  18. Whipper

    Although it is privately owned property, once a crime is committed it becomes a crime scene. At this time law enforcement has the authority to enter the property. In reality, there isn’t enough law enforcement to enter the grounds safely, if adverse conditions exist. Even if the Hardin County Sheriff demanded the property owner to allow entry, officers would be so tactically disadvantaged that entry wouldn’t be a sound decision if the crowd were so inclined to obstruct a lawful investigation. There aren’t enough LEO’s in the surrounding Southern Illinois counties to “police” that type of gathering. The organizers of this event are well aware of the law enforcement demographics in our area. Ergo– what better place to locate MASS CHAOS for a weekend?

  19. concerned79

    Disclosure are you going to report on Tila Tequlia being hurt out there too?

    • @concerned79: as soon as we’re out of this class reunion thing, we’ll get on it. In the meantime, if you know about it, feel free to post what you know. This is the place to do it!

  20. concerned79

    I just heard about it at a local gas station and looked it up on yahoo and it took me to tmz website.

    just hear say, but I know the website for the gathering said that she was suppose to be there and on youtube there was a guy on there bragging about being arrested for it or something to that nature

  21. Sundance

    Raynee two people have died there. The first gathering was held at Cave In Rock in 2007.

  22. iptf

    933 never advised that what your claiming . Your source is wrong hell face book they repeated ever word said on the radio your source was wrong I promise you that

  23. iptf

    I must say the deputys and trooper who went in must have some balls . Those are they type of guys who do there job no matter what . All together 6 officer to try to save a life . They went in knowing it very well could of been 6 officers vs potential of 7000 jugglos fighting them . When the jugglos are in small groups the usualy are not bad people but in crowds they grow a set of nuts and will attack. From my understanding the jullgos were throwing shit at the squads after they passed them. You have to give the Sheriff and Deputys props . Any 1 who choose to put there life in jepordy like in this case to try to save some 1 they do not even know is a hero in my book .

  24. iptf

    give it about a week or 2 and I am sure it will be all over youtube lol

  25. Hardluck Hannah

    That kind of crap makes for some real nice publicity for southern Illlinois, doesn’t it? No wonder people from up north and surrounding States make fun of our culture. Sad.

  26. Elwood

    HL Hanna, what is OUR culture by the way ??? I really dont think yours will be the same as mine….. The great thing about living in So. Illinois is we have such a wide range of Cultures. Right ?? There’s no way anyone can put all of us in one basket,unless its a basket of ??? Being born an raised I will tell you this, for this I am sure of… No 2 are alike..

  27. serious bizness


  28. Hardluck Hannah

    @serious bizness: stereotype is to label or typecast. No doubt to those up north, we are all just a bunch of hicks. They think when you get past Springfield going south that we’re a useless bunch not capable of supporting ourselves. The further south they travel, they believe they are actually about to reeach an area where they’re just “camping out”.

    @Elwood: I too grew up in southern Illinois…born and raised. I’ve seen a lot of changes take place to southern Illinois in my life. I can’t say it’s for the better, but when I was raising my family it was a different than it is now. I don’t know how you are or how much you can remember, but people used to take pride in themselves, their families, and their property. Drugs have pretty much consumed the area where I live and I’m sure it isn’t any different in the surrounding counties. The economy is probably worse here than any place in Illinois, but the difference is that we don’t notice it because as a whole, we’ve been poor too long, so it’s just a way of life for most around here. There are no jobs to be had to speak of and if a kid manages to get a college education, they don’t stay around here to put it to use.
    Now you let me ask you this, Elwood…just what kind of culture would you call that? Maybe I might even agree. You don’t seem like a stupid person to me.

  29. iptf

    There was a change in voice do to 933 did not state what your claiming it was another deputy who stated to the sheriff that there juggalo were chanting fuck the police . If your source would have been a real cop he would of been inside gates and not hiding out in his house . I am pretty sure i know who the source is . Do to just a few officers did not show up to the gates

    • @iptf: You don’t have any idea who our source was. You may be right in that there was some confusion, but this person was NOT “sitting at home” or anywhere else that wasn’t a non-work environment. If I say anymore, I will unfortunately identify this source, and I don’t want to do that. But just because there was some confusion or misidentification doesn’t mean our source didn’t know what was going on. Stop deriding us and our source, please.

  30. Sundance

    I for one am proud and grateful for my hillbilly upbringing. I’ve developed skills many don’t have. lmao! Hope everyone has a splendid day.

  31. Behind The Times

    Yes Hardin County is in District 22

  32. Thinkin'

    I wonder why it doesn’t have to be commercial land to have certain areas conduct business. The board should consider making that change. Most places have “residential”, “farm” or “commercial” property and you can’t conduct busines in res. areas.

  33. Not Blind

    Everybody keeps complaining about the party and Ole Hoggdaddy Tim laughs all the wat to the bank!!!! And what did southern Illinois get for it???

  34. insider

    Yes Dist. 22 and their is a thing called (the open fields act).Kind of like the plain view act, but on private property.

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