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UPDATE: Shooting in Gallatin County, south of Omaha

Posted by on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 @ 6:51 pm.

Kenneth Wilson obituary photo

GALLATIN CO.---Kenneth Wilson, 42, of Maunie, is the victim of an apparent suicide in rural Gallatin County Thursday morning.

Information has been confirmed by official sources as of this morning, 06.11.10.

We received a call from a scanner listener in the Omaha area earlier Thursday that there had been a possible suicide attempt in a rural area south of Omaha, north of what the caller said was Pony Farm road.

There was no other information except that the potential suicide involved a gunshot, that it was a man, and that he was found alive in a truck registered to an older, White County man.

Reportedly, the person who found him was Russ Ramsey, a Gallatin County school board member. Ramsey is said to have noticed a truck having driven off the road and right into a cornfield Ramsey farms. When he went to investigate, thinking a drunk driver had plowed through his growing cornfield, Ramsey found Wilson, still alive, in the cab of his truck with a grievous gunshot wound to the head.

A helicopter flew Wilson out of the area after responders arrived at the scene, but what hospital he was taken to remains unknown; only that it was in Evansville. Wilson, we have been told, was still alive when he was airlifted out, but died later in Evansville, at about 7:30 last night. Because his death officially occurred in Indiana, perhaps there will be a serious investigation into it, unlike many other suicides in Gallatin.

Gallatin readers are encouraged to email us if you know anything else, or post here...we'll work the particulars of it with the officials in the morning when we have time.

Please note that sadly, there have been several such suicide attempts (and successes) in Gallatin in recent months and years...many of them found in a vehicle with a fatal gunshot wound. When this whole Raymond Martin thing kicked off, we said there would be people dropping like flies...although of what, we wouldn't speculate. However, when people just randomly commit suicide...well, that's just easy for a coroner to declare, isn't it? Even if it's a body found in a parking lot behind a bar...or in a stopped vehicle at a stop sign in the middle of town...simple, really...

It doesn't appear that Wilson's suicide is so related, but it's sad, nevertheless. Our sympathies to Mr. Wilson's friends and family.

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53 Comments for “UPDATE: Shooting in Gallatin County, south of Omaha”

  1. Top Cat

    Sucides,Over Dosed People and Accidents are Remarkably Common in Gallatin County!But are they really what the Local Cops call them? One guy shot himself twice years ago.Once thrugh the Heart and once through the Mouth with a .45 Cal pistol.Suicide was what the Sheriff told me.Said when he shot himself in the Heart ,not killing him, that it hurt him so badly that he then shot himself the second time in the mouth!

  2. crazy girl

    There was a girl that overdosed on Tuesday of this week. They found her in her apt,the housing project in ridgway. her name is dana hendrix/baker/casteel. She is 40 years old. Somone is keeping it out of the newspapers and keeping it very quiet. She has several children but fortunatly her x and his mom raise them.So sad that drugs are so able to get and so mis abused.

  3. JLC

    Dana’s mom committed suicide as well quite a few years back.

  4. JLC

    haha….Yeah that kind of stuff is easy for the “coroner” to declare. The Gallatin County Coroner, that is. 🙂 The guilty drug running bastard……..Oh, wait thats another subject…sorry. 8)

  5. My point exactly!! 8)

    “If we all stick together, we can all keep each other outta trouble”…right?!


  6. Top Cat

    It is a real shame that people get hooked on Drugs. So many lives are ruined so many lives lost and yet people are taking thier first attempt of drugs at every moment.
    I do feel sorry for the family and do realize they did try to help her as much as they could.

  7. osm07

    Yes, the family tried to help Dana time and time again. Dana comes from a very good family, I feel greatly sorry for all of them. My hope that would be that somebody would look into the doctor/PA or whomever has been giving her all of her addictive medications.

  8. Concerned Cindy

    I am from Carmi also…where they say that this man is from…It has me worried now that I may know the guy..Have you heard if he was an older man or younger or anything like that?

    • We haven’t. We have heard a name but because it isn’t confirmed, we have opted not to print it yet. When we get it, we’ll do an update. Sorry we can’t help any more than that…!

  9. Boondoggy

    he was in his mid 30’s to 40. He was found outside his truck. A farmer saw that a truck had drove thru his corn and called the police thinking it was a drunk. When the Shannon got there he saw the guy with a gunshot to his head but the guy was still alive. A trooper also arrived and called for ambulance and Crime Scene. Thats all I know.

    • We’ve got a tentative ID now, and we’ve got an age range of 40s-50s…we’ll keep you posted, but if you all hear anything, please feel free. Just don’t post a name, if you get it, to spare the family some grief in case they happen upon it. We’ll get it in the morning. Promise.

  10. JLC

    Anybody know if suspicious activity is suspected with this situation? I have been hearing some weird rumors/stories involved with this.

  11. Hads

    Please . .do tell what you have heard JLC?!?!

  12. be

    Please tell us what you know JLC, he was a good buddy of mine…

  13. JLC

    I spoke with a friend of this guys today and he said that he heard that it was kind of suspicious because the gun was found in the back seat of the vehicle and that the guy had a gsw behind his ear.

    This person also went on to say that he thought it was highly unlikely that Ken would try to kill himself.

    With both of those things being said; I do not know the man nor was I at the scene of the incident so I am only speaking from what I have heard others say.

  14. Top Cat

    Is it going to get a full investigation by the State Police or a Gallatin County Investigation?

  15. kww

    Read the newspaper like everyone else and mind your own business.

  16. nhperson

    I was also just told that the bullet didn’t match his gun…. Is that true?

    • Oh Jesus.

      Can someone slide us Shannon’s cell phone #??

      Ang had it but she’s since lost it.

      We’re on deadline and about to wrap this sucker up. We’d like to get any discrepancies/oddities about this thing in this print version if we can. Send it to us at the yahoo email addy: disclosurenewsonline@yahoo.com, please please please.

  17. kww

    I am his sister and it bothers me that you are spreading rumors and lies. It really isn’t your business. If any of you were truly friends, you would know exactly what happened.

  18. suspicious

    According to the Daily Register, GC Sheriff’s Dept. & State police learned from SHAWNEETOWN Chief who was called by Ramsey…If an incident like this happened in the northern county…why would Shawneetown police need to be notified 1st?

  19. Arronsgranny

    Kww , no I didn’t even know your brother.. But it is everyones business when several ppl have committed suicide in GC..
    I am very sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family.
    But if there was foul play, don’t you want to know?

  20. Grape Ape

    I have to disagree. I don’t think it is your business unless you are a family member. Just because multiple people commit suicide it becomes YOUR business? If my grandpa committed suicide, tell me how it would be YOUR business, really, I want to know.

  21. goneforgood

    I believe that suicide is considered a crime in Illinois. That would make it a matter of public record.

  22. Top Cat

    I am probably stepping in IT ,but I believe that once it is proven to be suicide then it should all be with the family unless they wish to share the reason or some part of the story that lead him/her to the act.

    • No. The resources of county emergency rescue (paid by tax dollars), the state police for investigation (paid for by tax dollars), transport to a hospital for intensive medical care (airlift paid for in part by grants—which are taxpayers’ dollars), the work of a medical examiner in order to determine if it WAS suicide or if it was foul play [there is some question still] (paid for by tax dollars, especially across state lines)—all of that is very expensive. We expect those resources to be there and handle it no matter if it’s our relatives or someone else. That all comes form our egregious taxing. We are all responsible for funding it. Ergo we are all involved, making it EVERYONE’S business.

      We’re sorry it’s a suicide (if indeed it is). We don’t like covering these kinds of stories and wish we never would have to. But they happen, in profusion, it seems, these days, and they’ll likely only increase as things get worse in this country—and they will. We have found criminal history on this man, related to marijuana use. We had a post commenter connect Wilson to James Tucker earlier. With a conviction on possession of between 10-30 grams of pot in 2006 on Wilson’s record, we no longer think that’s such a stretch. We have sources working on any possible connection, and if there’s one, we’ll oncover it. And we will publish it. So kww, if you don’t like it, our suggestion is simply to not read it. Don’t click here and don’t buy the print version. But those who are interested in how our taxpayers’ dollars are spent will be, and you’re just gonna have to accept that.

  23. lovemygrandkids15

    Suspicious: I was just going to reiterate your previous observation. Why was Radar Patton called when he is Shawneetowns city policeman and his squad car being in Omaha is out of his jurisdiction. Does this show who is in charge in GC or what? A REAL crime investigation team would have thrown his ass out of the area, he is nothing but contamination.

  24. MadHatter


  25. dad of 3

    sympathies to the mans family, no one should have to go through that. I do, however, see a big game of connect the dots forming. Just my thought on the subject.

  26. Top Cat

    You have a good question there Lovemygrandkids. Why does the Chief of police of Shawneetown have any reason to be there. I can understand that maybe ridgway would be there to assist. If I was sheriff ,I’d tell him that it was my County and for him to take care of his own area and i’d run mine. Radar isn’t even a good cop let alone be in on any investigations.
    I think it is time that Shannon steps up and either takes control or steps down. If the people of gallatin County wanted Radar in charge they would have voted him in office when he ran.They didn’t.Can’t radar take no for an answer? From what I can gather if everyone don’t play his way ,he stomps off like a madman.
    Who is running agaisnt Shannon in Nov.Election?I think it may be time for some folkss to rethink their votes.Unless Shannon wants to manup and take control by telling radar that the Sheriffs job belongs to the Sheriff.

  27. cubbie

    Wonder why Radar didn’t run for sheriff since Raymond was in jail?

  28. Top Cat

    For one reason I heard he is a very poor loser and doesn’t want to go through that again. He found out that not as many people like him as he thought. Now his close buddies will be founding out real soon to.

  29. dad of 3

    i know of one pettition going arround for a man wanting to run for sheriff. Don’t know if he stands a good chance, he’s one of those canidates that either people will like or not. there won’t be much gray area with him.

  30. Top Cat

    He may have a better chance than you think if Bradly don’t tell Radar who is running the County and be fast about it.

  31. DarkShadows

    dad of 3 is referin to ..I think .. Jimmy “Duke” Williams .

  32. Hardluck Hannah

    Who is Jimmy “Duke” Williams? Never heard of him and I know a lot of people down there. Has he ever been in law enforcement before?

    • I believe he might be running for sheriff on the independent ticket.

      we don’t know anything about him, but the timing is perfect for an independent candidate to take the vote. It’ll be hopelessly split, but anything’s possible.

  33. Hardluck Hannah

    I guess I hadn’t heard that. Kind of surprises me too. If he’s a Democrat and he’s got the $$$ people behind him, then he just might be the next sheriff. Bradley seems like a good enough guy, but he is a little young. This should be interesting.

  34. dad of 3

    Duke is good people. In the interaction i have had with him, he comes across as a straight shooter so to speak.

  35. kww

    Ok, send me the bills then mind your own business.

    • Nope. Because we’ve got bills to pay too, our business is information, people want information, especially about crimes, and we intend to keep at it. Too bad for you if you don’t like it; there is a ‘back’ button, we suggest you use it and stop giving problems to people who DO believe this information is needed.

      Which is everyone here but YOU.

  36. kww

    Discussing real issues is one thing, but much of the above chatter is nothing but busybodies gossiping. You should get a hobbie.

    • Which “you”?

      If you’re referring to us, we have plenty to keep us busy. We don’t need hobbies. Unlike most Americans, we WORK. If you don’t like it, I kindly invite you to leave our page. You’re not going to get anywhere here with your snide bullshit.

      Oh, and hang onto something…because you won’t like the next paper, either.

  37. Went to school with Duke Willams.His familey moved to Equality from Harlan CO. KY.But for the life of me i just cant see him as a sheriff.Always quite polite and good people.But a sheriff,I just cant see that happening.The REV SHERIFF DUKE…
    Knew his X was a pot smoker but not him,
    Well good luck to him anyway,Havent been around him in over 30 years..

  38. Longhaired Jayhawk

    Moonrunner maybe you should get to know Duke again sounds like you know everything else about him.

  39. LOL,He was short and cubby.Liked to build model cars.Liked heel taps on his shoes.
    But i hear he is into building model crosses now!

  40. Hardluck Hannah

    Model cars and model crosses? Oh my, now that’s just what Gallatin County needs, isn’t it?
    My advise to the voters of Gallatin County would be to stick with Bradley. He may be young, but the general opinion is that he’s a fine young man. We can only hope he’ll stay that way while in office.

  41. DarkShadows

    My Opinion would be .. NO To Bradley … I’ve not seen where he has done what needs to be DONE with thing in this county just like those before him . We are going to need some one who’s going to stand up to PPL not some one who wont do nothing ! Just my Opinion … But then I’m just one little person in this county.

  42. Longhaired Jayhawk

    Moonrunner I hear you on the shoe taps LOL.Amazing how they all change when elected with GC being no different.Ive seen it too many times.

  43. Longhaired Jayhawk

    Driving through Equality the other day and couldnt believe the black marks all over town.The punks are back doing what they do best and GC law officials doing what they do best.Which is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

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