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Desperate effort by MSM to spin speaking out against corruption in Saline

Posted by on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 @ 10:54 am.

We could probably name which (approximately) 4 people believe Danny's wrong....

SALINE CO.---Anybody else dizzy from the desperate spin MSM is putting on the revealing Tea Party Saturday?

Here's a poll one of Saline County's MSM put up in an obvious effort to offset the impact the small Tea Party had on the area...especially since the event was given real coverage by Disclosure.

Already, Harrisburg's paper has given you slanted coverage of the event, picking out only the points of different presentations that fit their agenda, and in fact taking much of the information completely out of context.

For those who were there, we know what the 'burg paper is up to...but for those who weren't, they're being given a skewed view of what a Tea Party is all about.

A Tea Party isn't a bunch of angry rednecks or narrow-minded, gun-toting Bible-thumpers (although we do have a lot of guns and Bibles).

A Tea Party is a gathering of people who are informed on what's being done to our country---deliberately in many instances---and are interested in talking about it. Many people take the microphone and speak on different areas of experience and expertise, but oftentimes, just the average citizen steps forward and expresses, in four or five minutes, what he or she has experienced under the deterioration of this country. It is an encouraging event and lets those of us who believe in adhering to the Constitution as the rule of law that we are not alone---that there are other brave people who will assemble peacefully and voice our opinions, sometimes coming to conclusions that are workable for this or that different problem we may be experiencing in our communities.

Saturday, Danny Gibbs did speak about widespread corruption in Saline County, the county being his area of expertise. He got on the board BECAUSE of corruption---many good people do just that, run for public office because they see a handful of elites placing themselves in positions of power to the detriment of the rest of the populace.

The fact that only 17 people voted in this poll posted on the 'burg's website indicates a couple of things: people just don't vote in polls, or there isn't that much interest. If it's the latter, that's sad...because it's "interest" that the Tea Parties are trying to spur, to get people out of their doldrums of "well there's nothing I can do to fight this, might as well go watch Dancing with the Stars and have another beer."

But the greater lesson here should be that instead of looking INTO possible corruption---where it is, who's perpetrating it, how bad is it and can it be brought under control---the local MSM paper is dismissing it, minimizing it by reducing it to a poll. They wouldn't dare investigate it. They wouldn't dare produce articles about it. They wouldn't dare let the citizens read and decide for themselves...instead, they've got to place the spin on it and make anyone who thinks there is such corruption---apparently, only about 12-13 people---appear the fool.

And that's saddest of all.

We don't ordinarily put certain tags on these posts anymore because there are SO MANY posts that cover like material, that the linked stories that appear on the left side of the page overwhelm the article.

But this time, we're going to make sure that among the other tags necessary for the story, one word especially will be in the post tags---'Saline'---and we want you to look at the plethora of links that come up on the left side of the page.

And then you read them, and you tell us in all honesty that there's "no corruption in Saline"...or maybe only about 76 percent corruption even.

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9 Comments for “Desperate effort by MSM to spin speaking out against corruption in Saline”

  1. Me Again

    Of course there’s corruption–there’s corruption in every organization/government. The problem with Gibbs and others who try to bring it to light is that they have oversold their hand by contending that the corruption in Saline County rises to the level of Henshaw selling blow and framing (for lack of a better word) Timmy Monroe because of some as-yet-unalleged slight that Monroe perpetrated on Henshaw. Anyone who belives what Monroe says on the topic is either delusional or easily mislead.

    And it doesn’t help that Gibbs is a barely literate moron who comes across as seriously unhinged.

    • You obviously weren’t at the Tea Party.

      Gibbs didn’t speak on ANY of those issues. His presentation was limited to his field as a member of the county board. Henshaw’s name didn’t come up, nor was he alluded to.

      If you’re going to come on here and pretend you know what you’re talking about when you don’t, I would suggest you go to a venue a little more friendly to that way of thinking: the HDR site. They excel in such things there.

  2. katy

    What is MSM? Sorry I see it all the time and know it is referenced to alot but don’t know what it is?

  3. Me Again

    Nope, I wasn’t there.

    And sorry, it was John Stanley, leader of the local teabaggers and Mensa candidate, who brought up Monroe.

    If Stanley wasn’t talking about Henshaw, who was he alluding to when he “characterized the case as Monroe being persecuted for naming local officials who may be involved in the drug trade.”

    Or did the DR completely fabricate that information?

    • Stanley WAS talking about Henshaw…but he was more talking about the process by which Monroe was made an example because he chose to take his case to trial—as was his right—and it became apparent during the course of the trial that because Monroe had chosen that right, his ‘prosecution’ became ‘persecution.’

      Another effort to spin misdirection onto something very straightforward. Good job, DR (I forgot the sarcasm font symbol…)

  4. Me Again

    Of course he had that right. And he exercised it by making a demand for a jury trial. People are made examples of every day, and in fact the deterrence effect is one of the legal justifications for upward departures in sentencing.

    The Mosses and the others busted more recently also have that right. I have a strong feeling that the people defending Timmy aren’t going to be nearly so supportive toward those defendants, though.

  5. Sundance

    Katy: I think MSM is an abbreviation for mainstream media. Not sure though…Heck it may mean, men seeking men, however I don’t think so in this case.

  6. Dennis J. Bridwell

    I assumed that any thinking person would have by now figured out that there is corruption in Illinois politics, not just Chicago but the whole state. Doesn’t the fact that we have a governor in prison and another one under indictment tell anyone anything? In this region there are two county sheriffs in jail as we speak. While I haven’t paid close attention to the southern counties, I can say from experience that Lawrence County is rife with corruption. The crooked elected and appointed politicians far out-number the honest ones.
    I have about come to the conclusion that the bulk of the people don’t mind it being corrupt especially if they have a friend or relative that can pull some strings and place them at the head of the line ahead of a more qualified person who has been waiting longer for a job. They don’t mind the corruption when they can call in a favor and get their kid out of something that would have sent someone else’s child to prison. Like the old saying “It isn’t bad living in a police state if you are the police”.
    It is saturated into every county in Illinois, every town, every agency. How else do you suppose that a former mental patient could be appointed to a strategic position if there wasn’t corruption? How could a homosexual pedophile be appointed to a good paying county job? Lawrence County, while terribly corrupt, is probably not that much worse than some other counties in Southern Illinois.

  7. Liam O'Donoghue

    There is widespread corruption, there are also drug dealers, wife beaters, child abusers, scumbags who prey on the elderly, etc.
    There is no transparency in any government anywhere, WTF. I do not advocate an overthrow of the government, perhaps an enema would be in order.

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