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Locals waking up to the reality of the American Cancer Society

Posted by on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 @ 11:54 am.

Fairfield mayor Mickey Borah

FAIRFIELD, Ill.---Fairfield mayor Mickey Borah may appear to not know most of the time what he's doing (unless it's enriching himself and his buddies/cronies), but last night he apparently had some actively-firing brain cells when it came time for the city's annual donation to the American Cancer Society's 'signature fundraiser,' the Relay for Life.

Borah and his council opted NOT to donate $1,000 to the Relay, as the city has done in countless years past, but instead donated $1,000 to the Dr. Dennis Scranton Memorial Fund.

This particular fund was set up by Fairfield locals in 2005 after the death of Dr. Scranton in a tragic traffic accident, and in memory of his dedication to cancer patients with whom he had worked over the years. And most importantly of all, cancer patients and their families benefit directly from Dr. Scranton's fund....just like they used to be able to do from the American Cancer Society---until the ACS got too big and financially bloated to assist cancer victims in any way, and decided instead to 'assist' only their operations (and of course, all those administrative jobs that come along with it.)

The council's decision to donate to the Scranton Fund marks a sea change from previous support of ACS, where certain Wayne County elites (including Mick) have used the Relay to make their mark on so-ci-e-teh since all the best fluoride-drinkers still support it...even after years of Disclosure hammering away at the truth behind the American Cancer Society and the now-clear understanding that money raised in each county for the Relay no longer stays in the county...nor does it even aid much in research (this was the panicked cry the ACS used for a couple of years after everyone became painfully aware that they were no longer benefitting locally from going round and round a track all night: "Research!!! All this money is collected up and sent to Atlanta for RESEARCH!!")

It will be interesting to see how much Mick helps with the Relay this year; in years past, he was the one who came up with the bassackwards duck rack (where the last one through the finish line is the winner or whatever) at Leo French Park. But wouldn't it be great if all the Relays were to continue to shrink to almost non-existence if other government entities would follow Fairfield's lead?

If you don't believe the ACS has become a lumbering monstrosity only interested in propping up its worldwide operations and all the administrative staff that goes with them, and NOT interested in helping individual cancer patients, NOT with their treatment costs, but with peripheral costs associated with it (like a tank of gas to and from the doctor a couple hundred miles), feel free to click the following link and look at the ACS' most recent financial disclosure, required of all 501 (c) (3) (Not for profit) organizations:


Please note the little parenthetical message at the beginning of the stats pages that states "figures are in thousands."

The ACS may have been a good idea when it was begun in the early 1900s...when cancer began creating problems for people en masse because of our industrialized society, since cancer is caused by toxins and not much else. But they've become an obscenity, self-serving, and have turned away from the very people whom they have vowed to assist.

We encourage everyone to donate to the Scranton Fund...and to stay away from this year's Relays in droves.

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22 Comments for “Locals waking up to the reality of the American Cancer Society”

  1. samijam

    I dislike the American Cancer Society for the fact that they endorse nicotine replacement therapy and other methods to quit smoking that have a very low success rate while continually refusing to endorse Allen Carr’s “The Easy Way To Stop Smoking” which has a very high success rate in helping smokers to become non-smokers. I believe the reason is that they receive a lot of money from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the nicotine replacement products. Nicotine replacement is not a very smart way to quit. It keeps you in a constant state of withdrawal, very much the same as continuing to smoke. Other drugs might or might not be better, but none are necessary to stop smoking.

    ACS’s quitting smoking link:

    Reviews for Allen Carr’s book:

  2. samijam

    I’d like to add that I support funding research to help fight cancer, but they could be doing more to help prevent it by endorsing a better solution to smoking cessation.

    • They’re all about Big Pharma, and that’s a fact. A couple of years ago we had a comprehensive list of all the pharmaceutical companies that supported the ACS (read: were supported BY) who also had lobbyists in Washington. The campaign contributions were almost commensurate with the money passing between Big Pharma and the ACS.

      I quit smoking in July of 2007 with Chantix. It took 2.5 weeks. I never had another cigarette after smoking for almost 30 years. I know a lot of people can’t take Chantix, but I had no adverse affects from it. Otherwise I’d tried everything else over the previous ten years to quit and couldn’t. Apparently the ridiculously high cost of cigs and the even more ridiculous smoking laws in Illinois haven’t impacted smoking at all…and most smoking cessation ‘plans,’ treatments, etc., don’t work well at all. You just have to want to quit, within yourself, before you can. Best not to ever start.

  3. Sharon Mcguire

    is this a rip off /?????

    • If you’re talking about the fundraiser Relay for Life, yes. There are other fundraisers that are designed to actually help the victims of cancer on an individual basis. But what’s organized by the ACS, after years of them telling people that money raised in the counties where the Relays are held STAYS in the counties, is swept up and taken from the Relays to a bank in Atlanta, where it’s disbursed stingily. If you’ll note on one of the spreadsheet pages, it says “individual assistance” under one of the categories. It reads “13” but you have to multiply that by a thousands (“all figures are in thousands”). In one year, globally—ALL OVER THE WORLD—the ACS spent a whopping $13,000 on individuals. Local Relays, even the little ones, rake in double that. Yet that’s only how much goes to individuals for assistance. The ACS doesn’t ‘help’ anyone but themselves.

  4. samijam

    admin, congratulations on stopping smoking! I haven’t had one since March 2008 after smoking for nearly 20 years!

  5. Hardluck Hannah

    I worked ONCE for the Relay for Life because of a girl friend who lost a daughter to breast cancer and had also suffered losing a breast to the disease herself. She was devastated and believed working for the Relay for Life was a good cause. We had a Relay for Life meeting and I asked just how much of every dollar donated actually went into research to find a cure for cancer. Her reply was about 10 or 15 cents…the remainder of that dollar went for administrative expenses. I finished working that year for the RFL program, but vowed after this experience that I would never do this again. That’s pathetic. And yet, if you want to donate to a certain individual fighting cancer, I understand you can’t take this as a donation for a tax deduction, that you have to go through a recognized charity program such as the Relay for Life, etc. I’m on a DO NOT CALL list, and yet I still get calls asking for donations for cancer. If you want to know what I think…I think they have a cure for cancer, but understand what the big drug companies and hospitals would lose in revenue if that cure was released. I think it’s all about the money and not the cure. Sad but true.

    • To samijam: congrats to you too! Smoking is a filthy and expensive habit, but it’s legal, and I don’t think our smoking laws should be in place. Smoking wouldn’t be so carcinogenic if it were just tobacco…but it’s all the things they have to put on tobacco these days, which the plant soaks up and retains, that cause cancer. Hundreds of years ago smoking didn’t cause the kinds of diseases we see today…because they didn’t saturate them with pesticides like arsenate trioxide, which the leaves retain (arsenic is a carcinogen found in cigarette smoke, and is even more dense in secondhand smoke.) Tobacco isn’t a fragile plant to grow, but the way it’s cultivated these days, they do it in such large quantities that they are forced to use products on them just to get them to produce.

      To Hannah: We publish the breakdown every year. The ACS had us fooled for awhile, believing that their publication of “Management, General” on their website


      meant that that was all the money that went to all the administrative costs for the goliath group. Then we began getting the fiscal year breakdown and doing the math, and learned that for every one of those categories (fundraising, research, prevention, patient support) there is an ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF right from the top bigwigs all the way down to the regional offices like in Marion. Those people in Marion are probably up to three digits annually by now; the average was $80,000 in 2004 (we sent for their IRS records.)

      I think there’s a cure, too. It’s very simple and it depends on which organ or system is impacted by the cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America and several locations in Mexico have this treatment; it’s based in large part on alkalinizing your system, which can become too acidic with our lifestyles and diet. But the ACS never warns us about alkaline/acid. And it’s very simple to rectify.

  6. Dennis J. Bridwell

    I will not support them because I know of several cancer victims that asked them for help and not one recieved a bit of help.

    • I know when you still lived in Lawrence, there was a girl who was suffering TWO different types of cancer and was literally BEGGING for help from the ACS, including their “Hope Lodges,” for a place for her husband and mother to stay while she had the brain tumor removed, and they just wouldn’t do it. They dragged their feet so bad she ended up going to Indianapolis alone to have the surgery; her family had gone under financially paying for treatment of the other cancer and there was no money left for her husband and mom to stay up there, let alone travel back and forth. All they needed were like three nights at the Hope Lodge, and the ACS wouldn’t do it.

      She died about two years later; her name was Michelle. She let us do the story before she died; I hope that crawled up the Champaign region’s ass, especially that she died with a three-year-old toddler left behind, and they didn’t do a damn thing to help.

  7. Dennis J. Bridwell

    Of course everyone knows someone who lost a battle with cancer but I do not know of ONE person that the ACS has helped one bit.
    In my opinion, they are collecting money to pay their own salaries and don’t give a damn about anyone else.

  8. wootwoot

    i’m torn…i have been asked to be on a team for a very dear friend of mine and i’m going to do it, i already committed. she told me they HAVE had assistance from the ACS. but after doing my research and seeing what really goes on, i feel bad that the work she is doing isnt for her son, it’s for the corporate kissbutts at the higher level. it’s a shame but this world is just getting worse and worse!

  9. shunned

    Thank you admin and the rest of you. I too, reached out to this sham of an organization, while watching my mother die of cancer 3 years ago. In addition to the pain of her loss, I had to swallow the bitterness of having to deal with those bunch of crooks. And of course, since her death, people are appalled at me because I won’t jump on the band wagon and help that outfit raise money for their own pockets. I thought I was the only one because I have never heard anyone else voice their concerns about the ACS. Makes me sick to watch people line up like lemmings and run off the cliff in one of their “relays for life” when I know it should be named “relay for our mortgages and inflated salaries”. Thats admin for not only bringing this to light, but for having the numbers to back it up.

    • We understand where you’re coming from. Ang lost both of her grandparents to cancer (and these were the people who raised her and her siblings, so they were very close) and she was performing at Relays and buying ‘luminaria’ in their names thinking she was doing something to help someone else not have to go through what she did with losing her grandparents in a really awful way…her grandmother was the worse of the two, she actually died from the treatment, not the disease. They stopped the bone cancer but several years later her spleen just ruptured because it just gave out from the “new” treatment they’d developed at DePaul.

      So it was a blow to her when we learned the truth about what they were doing with Relay money…and we’ve been on the information trail ever since. Did you get to read her column about what we did in 2003? It was in the April/May issue; they have a few of them at Graf Ink if you didn’t get it.

  10. shunned

    sorry, should be “thanks admin” not “thats admin”.

  11. shunned

    no i did not. surprisingly, i had never heard of the Disclosure until the Raymond Martin thing hit. But being from Gallatin Co, I’m sure you understand why as you all were banned here in Nazi Germany, I mean Gallatin Co, but thanks for the reference. I will have that 2003 issue by the end of the day. Thanks.

  12. shunned

    oh ok! thought you meant april/may 2003! gotcha. I still have my april/may 10 copy, so i’ll find that column. thanks again.

  13. ed

    as most org. they had a great idea at the start but over time it has become self serving. I have a friend in OH. and any help for her is nul and void. cant get unemployment becuse Dr.’s orders cant work do to side effects of chemo .. cant get SSD and was told if chemo makes you this way stop it get better get your ass back to work.. (update on SSD papers were sent in in Feb. 2010 now june and was a oops they were never entered into the system and still not)) any moneys from cancer groups like your tags by the time the money gets to the area it is dumped in gen fund and your not a single mother with kids or abused your SOL… and laws are set unles you get pre aproved you cant even put out jars or ask the comunity for help …(repost)

  14. Hardluck Hannah

    You know, I’ve seen it time after time that those who are actually in dire need of help can’t get it, yet those bums that won’t, or don’t even want to, help themselves even though they are perfectly able, seem to get anything they want. Are we talking about not “what you know” but “who you know” maybe?
    As for helping anyone out, I think I’ve mentioned before that unless you donate directly to a licensed society that the IRS recognizes, (such as the American Cancer Society, etc) then you are SOL as far as tax deductions being allowed. So to my way of thinking, the only way to really help a needy family that’s battling the high cost of medical bills and trying to “just survive” would be by a direct donation to that person or family. Sad but true.
    I know people drawing Disability SS that are no more disabled than I am. Go figure. And have you ever noticed when you go into a SS office, they act like they’re doing you a favor just talking to you? Guess they don’t remember that you’ve been paying into SS for years or that their salary comes from the taxpayers.
    This makes me think about the DCFS too. Those people are about as useless as teats on a bore hog. They butt in where they ought to be butting out, and it’s for sure they butt out when they damn sure ought to be butting in. It would almost give you the impression they butt out where they ought to take firm action simply because they are afraid for themselves, that they might get physically harmed. Talk about a waste of the taxpayers money.

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