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About the name ‘David Woods’ coming up in testimony at the Monroe trial

David Woods, in a Saline County mug shot

Raymond Martin, 01.26.10, going to the Jackson Co. courthouse, Murphysboro

Posted by on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 @ 4:59 pm.

Well, it's at least a mugshot of "A" David Woods...

SALINE/GALLATIN COs.---It was a passing mention, but still it took a lot of courtroom observers by surprise when the name "David Woods" came up during testimony in the cocaine delivery trial of Tim Monroe, Feb. 1-4.

The mention of the name was made in the context of cocaine purchasing. During Tim Monroe's testimony (wherein he took the stand in his own defense), Monroe himself first made mention of Woods during day 2 of the trial.

Referring to the much-debated proffer interview Monroe gave ISP officials in May 2008, his attorney, Paul Christenson, asked him if he recalled "telling agents you bought a quarter-ounce of cocaine from David Woods for a Verizon Christmas party." Monroe stated he did, and that he had also arranged a purchase of a quarter-ounce of coke for $300 from an Eric Burdis (which is simply a phonetic presentation, as we've not had time to look into the exact spelling of the name).

Woods' name was then brought up again, in cross-examination by prosecutor Mike Henshaw, the next day when Monroe was called as a witness by that side.

Raymond Martin, 01.26.10, going to the Jackson Co. courthouse, Murphysboro

The import of the matter is this: not only was he mentioned as a seller of cocaine in the Monroe trial, but Woods was also allegedly one of the targets of errant Gallatin County sheriff Raymond Martin, as brought out in Raymond's wife Tina's preliminary hearing Jan. 26, 2010.

Woods, according to Illinois State Police officials last May, was one of Martin's alleged pot runners out of Gallatin County to all points across the state and probably through to Kentucky and Tennessee.

The concern is that while Woods is in a heap of trouble over other incidents in Gallatin (and possibly Saline; we'll have to check that), he appears to be not in trouble as it relates to anything he was allegedly doing with Raymond (it's that 'turning state's evidence' thing), and apparently, he's also not in trouble for selling coke to what Saline County believes is a big cocaine distributor, Tim Monroe.

Of course, we don't know the whole backstory. We're only just now getting an opportunity to dig into the backgrounds of the two "targets" of Martin's alleged conspiracy, Woods and Jeremy Potts. We have a photo of him, too; it was the one Cody Martin allegedly went to great lengths to acquire so Thomas Hayden would know what his alleged 'target' looked like, but backed out of giving it to him because he wasn't certain it was THE Jeremy Potts (there are a couple of people with that name in the area, just like there are actually several David Woods). Be sure you pick up a copy of this month's issue so you can see it in context.

More on Woods as we can obtain it, but we want to leave you with this: prior to producing the article about Raymond's extracurricular activities THREE YEARS before he was busted for them, we had heard David Woods' name batted around by the brave people who came forward with info on Raymond. Also batted around were other names, specifically regarding cocaine distribution in the area...and meth manufacturing/distribution, on a scale no one can even conceive (except, of course, maybe a meth maker). We're still looking into those allegations. The names of those involved in those two types of dope distribution haven't been tied in with any of these stories as produced...yet. We don't know that the cocaine distribution will ever be brought to a halt in the area. However, the meth manufacturing might, according to officials we spoke with here while back. So don't be shocked if/when you see the next big bust, and hear the next big 'name' involved in it; it could be as big as Raymond Martin's.


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32 Comments for “About the name ‘David Woods’ coming up in testimony at the Monroe trial”

  1. Randy

    Burtis I think is the spelling

  2. geez

    In reference to the question about an “Eric Burdis” from Tim’s testimony.. There is an Eric BurTis, which so happens to be Tim’s sister Tina Burtis’ brother in law. Ahhh. what a torrid circle this might turn out to be!

  3. Liam O'Donoghue

    A few months in jail sure has aged Raymond Martin. He looks ten years older.

    • You know, until his federal prelim last May, we had never seen the guy. But we got to watch him for three hours that day. Then when we saw him in Jackson County, wow! He’s heavier, his hair’s gray, he’s pasty. A true testament to all those horrible genetically-modified, starchy, carb-containing, high fructose corn syruped, soy byproduct garbage foods they feed you in jail.

  4. I wouldn’t think that Burtis would be into the Drug Scene with he and his partner doing so well with the construction/coal mineing companies they have .

  5. curious

    What ever happened to woods sister and her hubby?Might be another conection there.

  6. gco

    TopCat – look further into that. Is is really still HIS coalmining company??????

  7. geez

    Not that this has any connection to either Tim Monroe or Raymond Martin, but an interesting article about another local boy…. http://www.news-gazette.com/news/courts-police-and-fire/2010-02-15/man-arrested-heroin-charges-paxton.html

  8. An this guy has had his chances already.In fact the whole family has.He was sent to Federal Prison for cooking Meth as was his Mother and Father.Reports tell me the the Dad get out of prison soon.I don’t know about the Mother or if she has gotten custody of her kids .

  9. coal miner

    eric burtis does own cardinal i work for him this guy has straightened his life out a long long time ago and i really doubt what he was accused of is even true from what i know alot of things monroe said were untrue

  10. gco

    Coal Miner – Does he? Why is it Cardinal instead of WDI? Was he up to date on insurance,etc. . . .? I too have relatives that worked for him. Whatever.

  11. uhhh

    TOP CAT,sometimes enough money is NEVER enough…look at some of our politicians.

  12. Very true uhhh!LOL! But money or not if you are hooked on Cocaine you are hooked for life.You may be able to kick the habit but the desire is still there to some degree.But this drug is the choice drug of the wealthy isn’t it?Except for the Rock heads most have money who use it or at least for a while.

  13. welding 101

    i too worked for burtis both at wdi and cardinal.i know that he didnt own wdi phillip mcghilton did when the parent company which is pjm went bankrupt he and his partner kelly opened cardinal.he was operatios manager for mcghilton.look at illinois bankruptcy filings and you will find this is true gco

  14. Republican

    GCO could also be the disgruntled wife of a former employee of Mr. Burtis who has an alcoholic husband that got fired from the mines and Mr. Burtis.

  15. gco

    Welding 101 and Coal Miner – okay. I’m not going to go any more off topic then what we already have. Me included. I just had a problem with people assuming that just because he was a businessman he wouldn’t be involved with drugs. We all know that some businessmen are the biggest users. I guess I really don’t care one way or the other. Not involved with any of them and don’t care to be. I just hope that the light that has been brought to the drug trade in Southern Illinois might stop young people from going into that “line of work”. I hope you both have continued employment from Cardinal which only goes to help keep money being spent in Gallatin and surrounding counties. I am all for people working for their living and not living off of others.

  16. Republican

    I believe geez is a beautician from Equality, husband is an alcoholic and drug addict that was a former employee of Cardinal Steel but was fired…you want to talk about living in a glass house, this woman stole money from her own church bank account, look it up it happened…Banterra Bank

    • Okay Republican, enough with the “glass houses” bullshit.

      I’ve been dumping your more offensive posts in the spam folder in case you missed it. I’m tired of you “guessing” who the posters are. WE don’t even know who most of them are, nor do we care to.

      So if you want to keep your post privileges, stop the guessing and the ‘glass houses’ bit. Because it’s a lot easier for me to designate you to the spam or trash folders (yes we had our IT guy develop a ‘trash’ folder) than to waste bandwidth telling you to cool it.

  17. geez

    Sorry Republican, guess you’d never make it as a detective, I am NOT from Equality, nor am I married or a beautician. So there goes your theory! Either way, thanks admin for stepping in! I take this forum as a place to speak our opinions freely and anonymously if wanted and I’m glad you try to uphold that! Bravo

  18. JLC

    Eric Burtis, Tim Monroe, Kelly Storto…….lets not forget that David Woods was married to Eric Burtis’ aunt..(his moms sister), Tim’s sister Tina is married to Jeremy who is Eric’s brother…..Its all a big circle jerk! There has always been rumors about all of these folks dealing in dope.

  19. Let me see now.Does this Tree fork?

  20. Republican

    Geez, you just live for these forums so you and many others, including JLC, can make yourself feel better by bashing others without giving your name, your all spineless. Admin. I must give it to you, you are a genious, after all you did let me on with a fake web address. GOD determines who does wright and wrong, not people on a forum, Good Luck to you All on Judgement Day! Never mind your all Democrats and will burn anyway.

    • Republican?

      My name is Jack Howser. There are only two of us working here. I’m the one that usually posts as admin. Occasionally my wife does. You can’t tell us apart because we write pretty much just alike.

      I’ve noticed YOU’VE never given your name, either. So you know what?

      Fuck you. And get off our site.

  21. im just saying

    Jack Howser — you are my hero! and I love you guys!!
    and i have to say Republican is a GENIUS and he’s sooo WRIGHT!! haha don’t you just love when people TRY to act educated!! i always smile when i visit your site!

  22. Admin you gave me the biggest laugh of the evening.I’m calling the Cable Guy and telling him to cut me off.I have found much better entertainment here.

    • You’re welcome. Save money on cable; more left over for beer!!

      We’ll try to get to the point, one of these days, that we’ll be as informative as TV programming…right now we’re getting it all crammed into our heads at this web update session…it leaves me with very little patience, AND I have to drive home to top it all off. We need a 24 hour Starbucks. Or a Krispy Kreme.

  23. fliesplanes

    Quick question… I grew up in Cairo (don’t hold that against me!!!!) There was a Jeremy Potts down there as well as a David Woods. David lived there until about third grade then dropped off the map. Could this be them? Just wondering.

  24. Who knows

    What ever happened to Jimmy Taylor? That is david’s brother-in-law. I haven’t heard his name mentioned. Has he cleaned up his act too? Hope so!

  25. He is the same and one of the untouchables too for some reason. What a winner.

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