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Posted by on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 @ 6:14 pm.

WABASH CO.---Just when you thought he'd learned his lesson because he's squeaked out of all his previous charges with nary a scratch...

Willy Krup, from an arrest last summer

Willy Krup, from an arrest last summer

Wabash County sources informed Disclosure this morning that Mt. Carmel's supreme hellion, little Will Krup, 19, has been busted AGAIN for unlawful consumption, last night (01.23.10).

It's like every so many months he gets arrested, all of it surrounded by underage drinking and the consequences thereof. And then, because of who he is and his 'standing' in the community, nothing significant is ever done with him (as if sending him to southeastern Illinois counseling center would help) and he's out on the streets doing it again.

Krup's still on probation from his September 09 Unlawful Consumption charge. Of course, when he got that ticket, he was still on conditional discharge from a May Disorderly citation/conviction. And when he got that one, he had just barely squeaked by completion of a supervisory period from a DUI the previous year, when he was but 17, during which he wrecked his vehicle in rural Mt. Carmel.

And then on this one, he's still on supervision from leaving the scene of an accident (among other charges) out of Gibson County, this incident occurring last summer. Locals are hoping Gibson learns of this and doesn't play.

If Wabash authorities don't get a grip on this and quick, they could have another Sam Holstein on their hands. And who's to say THAT punk is going to come out of DOC with a better attitude about things than to waste his life away drinking beer and smoking pot, then taking pics of himself doing it for his MySpace.

More on this in the print version, on stands in two weeks (Feb. 8-10)


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  1. Relegalize

    I’m not sure about the circumstances (or why this person is a person of interest), but I strongly disagree with the underage drinking law..

    I’m 29 years old, and way past my drinking “glory” days, but I still think 21 to drink is an absurd law. Not only because people 18 and over can serve (and die) for our country, and are not legally allowed to drink alcohol here.. but because, preventing youth from doing things makes it taboo, and creates a mysticism around whatever the subject is.. In this case.. Alcohol… if only we had more alcohol/drug education in school and less YOU WILL BECOME AN ALCOHOLIC AND DIE horror lessons (aka Dare).. then maybe the youth would ‘respect’ alcohol moderation more, and be informed of it’s power.

    I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 17.. at the age of 19 I was working in a factory, paying for my own rent, utilities, etc. I was a responsible adult then.. I don’t see why I couldn’t have legally drank.

    • He’s a person of interest because he’s had a DUI or unlawful consumption every so many months (one of them involving a wreck and leaving a mom and three of her kids in their car, crashed at the side of the road), and because of his parents’ status in the community, nothing has been done with him. And he is going to kill someone, because he is already an alcoholic; we can only hope it’s himself, but let’s look at Adam Raber and Sam Holstein and the Jostes kid here in Edwards: they never kill themselves. They always kill a passenger or someone else in another car.

      When we were younger we thought the drinking age at 21 was absurd too. But here’s the fact: kids today aren’t the kids of 30 years ago. They are selfish, whiny, narcissistic, and often a danger to themselves and others, mostly because of either indulgent or absent parents. At 19, thanks to public schooling, video games and an ongoing effort to keep them from anything resembling being civic-minded and thus responsible for themselves and their actions as well as being concerned for those of others, they have the mentality of 12-year-olds. You don’t want to give a 12-year-old a beer. You don’t want to give a 14-year-old a beer, either, but that’s for all intents and purposes what we’re doing letting today’s 21-year-olds drink. If it were up to a lot of us ‘old-timers,’ we’d make the drinking age 25. We’d also make that enlistment age for military service, because as we’ve seen, today’s military will take anyone (Coonse/Harmon) and too many people are enlisting for all the wrong reasons. Driving age, along with buying cigarettes, should probably be moved up to 19, voting to 21, and marriage out of the question until a kid passes a ‘proof of being a responsible parent’ class, but then that’s the nanny state so we won’t go there.

      The problem here is a prosecutor who won’t do her job because she’s scared of repercussions. But that’s how people died in vehicles driven by the above-mentioned boys. Something has to be done, even if it’s recruit and elect a new state’s attorney in Wabash.

  2. Pepsi Sour

    What a punk. I’m sure that if this young person didn’t have the last name he has that things would be a whole lot different for him. Just look at the imbecile in Saline County who finally was arrested on Thursday for 5 counts of aggravated DUI after slamming his truck head on into a van full of kids and a mother. He’s a nobody from Tennessee and he got 5 counts of aggravated DUI, this kid could probably run his truck into a gas station drunk and kill a half-dozen people and get probation just because of his last name. It’s pretty pathetic……

  3. gingerbread-man

    Relegalize, regardless of anyone’s personal opinion, the fact is is 21 is the law, so that is what he needs to abide by. The simple fact that he could not obey the law, proves he is not mature enough to make a decision related to consumption of a substance which alters your mental being for any amount of time. If this young kid was mature enough to follow the law out of a) respect for the law, or b) because its the adult thing to do, then perhaps there wouldn’t be an issue.

  4. Zoey

    Drunks are never the ones that die in a crash when others are involved. They often escape without a scratch. I find it quite satisfying when a DUI driver crashes and extinguishes himself. That way you can at least bypass the courts that give them “first offender probation” six times. Justice.

  5. gingerbread-man

    Well. Reckless Conduct “in that the defendant knowingly operated a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol thereby endangering the bodily safety of others.” I’ve seen that played out on more than one DUI arrest……

  6. that dude

    i think that punk should be in prison by now fuck i got caught 2 times and got sent off but they dont want to do that to him bc his fuckin daddy gets him out of everything..he is the next sam and i kno it. im sure ill have to deal with sam once he gets out bc of Kylee his daughter unless he walks out AGAIN on her this would be the 3rd time if he does it again..both of them are worth nothing to anyone all they wanna do is fuck up their lifes and expect daddy to fix it when are their dads goin to grow some fuckin nuts and stop bailing them out!!!!! we got one in prison for awhile we need to put the other one in there so maybe it will open his fucking eyes to the world!!!! and stop counting on daddy to bail him out of the shit he puts him self in

  7. Keri

    My nephew was killed in the wreck involving Sam Holstein back in 2007. I sat through some of the court stuff and was appalled that he thought the whole thing was funny. My nephew will never get to experience life, he was taken from us too early all because some punk decided to drink and drive.

  8. SouthernILGirl

    So sorry to hear Keri.
    I’m with Relegalize. Drop the drinking age to 18 or raise the enlistment age to 21.

    Jack (or Ang but I assume Jack from the tone it is written in – it was back when you were both admin.) – It would be an awfully idealistic world where marriage and procreation were related. You don’t have to be a responsible parent or a parent at all to be married and you don’t have to be married to be a good (or bad) parent.

  9. SouthernILGirl

    Heh I knew it!!

    • Pretty astute, SouthernILGirl….we’ve had a lot of people comment that our writing styles are almost identical in the print version, I wondered if it carried over to the website as far as ‘conversation.’ I think I come across as more abrupt here on the site, and Ang comes across as more sedate. Is that how you determined it?

  10. SouthernILGirl

    It’s hard to have a “voice” or different personality in journalistic writing. Free form writing in the comments lets you be more “who you are” – I don’t know that it was an abrupt vs sedate thing in this instance.
    I think Ang is more willing to give kids of today a little more credit… or sees more gray where you are more black and white? IDK – it just read like a Jack statement to me. Perhaps I spend too much time on here…. 🙂

  11. SouthernILGirl

    I am getting to know what the Ghost sounds like all too well too!!

    • Sorry about that Ghost…don’t know what’s prompting it.

      And I think you’re right about the “kids of today” aspect….Ang has younger kids and sees the variances; mine are all grown and I’m a little more gruff.

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