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Posted by on Friday, September 18th, 2009 @ 1:19 pm.


Wouldn't you know it.

This guy:

William T. Krup, 19

William T. Krup, 19

...has been busted once again.

It was reported to Disclosure at about 1 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 13, that there had been an underage drinking party at a location at Mesa Lake in rural Mt. Carmel. The source wasn't specific about WHEN this happened, but the ticket indicates that the arrest took place Sept. 12.

It was submitted to Disclosure that the whole punk Mt. Carmel gang was there: Michael Dean, Scottie Cole, Tyler Roberts, Sebastian Price, etc. We haven't confirmed this and will as the week goes on. Some of them are underage, some aren't. What is known is that they are all buddies after the incident in which they were accused of beating Jace Webb and Brandon Elliott in late 2006.

One would think that with all the trouble that bunch has been into, they might slow down a bit, but apparently not.

Krup has been officially charged with Unlawful Consumption by a Minor. He makes a first appearance Oct. 15.

More as we get it.


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  1. Bobby Johns

    HAHAHA your a fuckin joke. Get a better hobby would ya

  2. Bobby Johns

    Not the boy, you idiots! get a fuckin life find somethin better to do. Fuck your 2 dollar paper

    • admin

      Sorry shithead, no can do. Several thousand people are counting on this. We’re working on producing papers more frequently. So we do indeed have a fuckin life.

      “Find somethin better to do”? Like reduce ourselves to the level of cretin like you? Buy liquor for underage kids? Join what everybody else is doing?

      No thanks, fuckwad. Piss off. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. There’s such a thing as ignoring a website, too. We suggest you do just that.

  3. west salem

    Seems like he Bobby Johns is the one with no life! If you hate Howsers and their paper so much then why are you reading their website???

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