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Misidentification #2….

Posted by on Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 @ 8:16 pm.

THIS kid:

mj…(the one on the left…)

…was misidentified in this month’s issue. He was identified as “from MJ Sullivan’s MySpace.”

As far as WE understand, this pic and others like it WERE from MJ Sullivan’s MySpace. So that isn’t incorrect.

However, this kid’s mom, and a couple of emailers, have told us that while the allusion might be that it’s MJ Sullivan, that’s not the right kid. This kid is Michael Jordan (NOT the bassetball playah. Obviously not enough height or pigmentation for that). So somehow between the two of us contacting sources and trying to sort through pics, this little dude got misidentified.

So next month, we’ll run a couple of pics of Michael Jordan, just to clarify. And show that he’s attended numerous parties in the White County area, including this one that was featured on at least four MySpaces, including Braddon Turrentine’s, which is now private. And depending upon when these pics were taken, if the age we have on the above kid on the left is correct, and if these pics were taken before July 7, 2008, he was drinking underage…which is kinda what we’re all about exposing to begin with.

And if anyone has a pic of MJ Sullivan that can be positively identified as MJ Sullivan, send it on to us, and we’ll give you a year’s subscription for free, and also our undying gratitude, which won’t get you very far, but it’ll give you a warm fuzzy glow for a few seconds. Kinda like that feeling you get right after you realize you’ve been stung by a wasp. Right before the pain sets in, of course.


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5 Comments for “Misidentification #2….”

  1. BELLA

    his name is MJ his last name isnt Sullivan it is jordan

    • admin

      We got it.

      That's why we made the post.

      His photo was grabbed by mistake out of the folder because of the similarity in names.

      Sometimes filing properly is a bitch.

  2. BELLA

    go on myspace and look for him i got a pich but u have to come get it

  3. alli

    i have a pic

    h if u want it how do i send it to u

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