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Tyler Wolf

Posted by on Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 @ 5:59 pm.












This is Tyler-Nicole Tracy Wolf.

She just got sentenced today in White County for the sexual abuse of a five-year-old girl two years ago. WHEN SHE WAS 13.

Allegations are that she may have molested as many as six children. She has been ordered to stay away from two identified victims. She will be registering as a sex offender, although for how long remains to be seen; we're checking on that, it wasn't specified at the hearing. She will be required to undergo counseling for at least a year and probably longer. She is to have adult supervision when she is in contact with young children, according to the terms of her very generous probation.

However, the judge didn't define "young children."

Any child in the state of Illinois is a minor when age 17 or younger. Tyler will be going to school on a daily basis for the next couple of weeks with several minors. Is she having good adult supervision when she's at Carmi-White County High School? You can't get that kind of information out of her teachers and principal. They all think she's just a model student, as they testified in a closed court hearing today.

The matter will be covered on WTVW-Fox 7 in Evansville tonight, according to Brian Miller, on the 9 p.m. telecast. He was there, along with Disclosure staff, to cover the sentencing, and he got quite a bit of footage.

White County's prosecutor, T. Scott Webb, did a fantastic job representing the state, and had asked for an undetermined amount of time for Tyler in juvie.

Judge Tom Sutton didn't see it that way, primarily because according to the pre-sentencing investigation, Tyler claimed she was sexually abused herself from age six to 12. Family members gave a lurid run-down of how that came about, stating a revolving door policy her mom, Tammy Wolf, below, had with men.












Tyler is supposed to be living with her dad and grandma in rural White County, according to the terms of her probation. However, she doesn't live with her dad and grandma. She lives with her dad, an ex-meth felon, and Konnie Harrington (both pictured below). Konnie is still employed as a school nurse in Brownsville.










They all live in Crossville. Not too far from a grade school, if our sources are right.

More later. Don't forget to tune in to Channel 7 tonight. Miller did a good job.


Thanks Brian Miller for using our photo of Tyler running from the courthouse on your broadcast, WTVW Fox 7, Evansville News at 9!! We're glad we could help!

That particular photo and more will be featured in the next issue of Disclosure, on stands May 13.

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  1. The One

    Hey I am wondering if Tony still gets Food Stamps (LINK) Because if he is he shouldnt it should go with Konnies income! I am also wondering if he got his License back he was driveing Tyler two door Black Car Around!

    • admin

      He testified at the end of April that he wasn’t working, and that he was receiving public aid and food stamps (LINK card.)

      Of course, this was the same testimony in which he also said he was living with his mom.

      We called him on it in the print version, then all of a sudden we hear they have to go through the court to make sure that it’s registered that Tyler’s not living with Jean Ann, but instead is living in Crossville.

      We’re inclined to go out there and measure how close to the grade school that corner of the property is.

  2. Amanda Wolf

    So did you Measure it?

  3. Amanda Wolf

    Oh Yeah me and My Husband sent you something did you get it?

    • admin

      Yeah we got it…it’s awesome…we’re not sure what to do with it yet; we’re looking to see if something else we’re working on with her pans out. We have another paper on Aug. 26 and will probably work it in there somewhere.

      Thanks for sending it!!

  4. Amanda Wolf

    Ok I am just Glad DJ Saved it on his Computer! But It is the same Exact Copy! He is a Great guy!! I just still Cant Believe how much Weight she has Lost! Its Crazy!

  5. Amanda Wolf


    This Video is Good! And is all True! I thought People that have kids shpould go look at it!!

  6. Amanda Wolf

    Well in a month her sis will have a baby! I just hope and Pray she dont hurt him! Like she did mine!

  7. Amanda Wolf

    Well I went to the Fair with my kids! My mom had bubba at the Derby and I had sissy Rideing Rides! Konnie and Tony Was at the Derby as well and kept giving my son Dirty looks! Then Later on they walked by me and went pass and started to whisper shit! I so wished I didnt have my kids Or I would of asked them who is superviseing her? They want to talk all this shit but not one of them can say it to my face!

  8. The One

    Someone told me Koniie dont work at Brownsville any,ore because of all this! Does anyone know if thats true or not?

  9. Amanda Wolf

    I just got told this Nasty lil Bitch moved to Mt.Vernon In. With her Fat Ass mom! Why dont these cops or whatever go get Tammy she has several Warrant and I m Pretty sure she has more in Harrisburg and Marion For stealing! Proly not showing up for court! So you might want to go get her records from their!

  10. The One


    I think they put her in Kids Club to after she had charges filed!

  11. Christine

    So, I hear that konnie wants a re trial???? And that she wants to stop Jessica’s Law??? For the record, I’m not putting my daughter through another trial.

    • admin

      If Konnie wants a ‘retrial’, she’s dumber than even WE’RE giving her credit for.

      She can’t get a ‘retrial’ unless she gets an appeal. It costs $10,000 up front to even REQUEST an appeal. Then the matter has to go in front of the appellate judges to see if it’s even worthy of an appeal.

      At that point the appellate court can either overturn the conviction (which doesn’t happen very often, as it calls the judge into question, since it was a bench trial) and set it for retrial, or tell them in essence to quit pissing in the wind. And if it goes to a retrial, Webb has 35 days to appeal it, asking the appellate court to reconsider their decision.

      IF it actually goes to another trial, you can bet that we will be there at every turn…not just at the sentencing, like we were this time. We will have photos and coverage EVERY DAY. We will see to it that every contact we have at every TV and radio station is aware of what’s going on.

      And if it goes to a retrial, bear in mind that the little boy who was ‘too young’ to give testimony back in February might not be too young this time, given how long it takes to get these things through the appeals process.

      Some people just need to learn to leave well enough alone.

  12. Amanda Wolf

    Is That what they said he was to young! No they told me That he was Realy Scared and that she did so good he wouldnt have to! But I guess it could be that to! I know Konnie is wanting to get me for Slander! Then It might be A retrial but I am wondering if she can realy aford all that! Something about False allegations or Whatever!

  13. Amanda Wolf

    Sometimes I wish I could go Back and even if it was hard on him had him to do it! It might of been better! I wish their was some kind of Law where the Lawyer and States Attorney could of Video Taped it! I think It was B.S That she was in the room anyway when these poor babies had to Testify!

  14. all useless redneck scum must be eliminated from existence.

  15. Amanda Wolf

    I just got told that Tyler is going to the Christian School in Norris city! how in the hell can they let a sex offender go to a christian school!

  16. Granny Maxie

    I am not going to mention any names but, someone was talking to a teacher there and the teacher said they wasn’t aware that she was a sex offender. Now correct me if I am wrong I thought the school was suppose to be notified of that?

    • The school is. If you as a concerned parent feel comfortable enough going to the administration, you might try to print out the information we have here and give it to them. If that doesn’t work, go to the school board. Are we talking about a private school?

  17. Amanda Wolf

    She not! She still going to the BD School!

  18. Courtney

    i have to go to school with her everyday and everyone told me bout this i cant believe its true wow omg

  19. Courtney

    we go to mill shoals and theres a middle school there too how can she bee there

  20. Amanda Wolf

    If their younger kids she is suppose to be supervised.

  21. danielle

    yea courtneyy… we made her life hell .
    her nickname at millshoals is chester chester the child molester.
    because she looks like chester the cheeto.
    and she never denied it, and never got mad when people said anything about it….

  22. Cuz she did do it. She should be revoked for running away.

  23. bored

    I am in so much disagreance with the sentence that this girl has received. If you have went through something so terrible and if it didn’t feel right to you and you knew that it was wrong, inreference to Tyler being abused also, then giving her a slap on the hand is not the right punishment for her. If she knew it was wrong and hated what was happened to her then she would have never turned around a year after being abused herself and abuse other innocent children. It appears her problems may stem further than what is topping the surface. She needs years of counciling and should never be allowed around children. She should have known from her own experience that it was wrong and I am sure she did, otherwise why would she have through that up in her defense. Therefore, she should be treated and tried as an adult.
    Strictly a mother with an opinion, that is always thinking about the safety or others and mostly children.

  24. Rescuachild

    It is not uncommon for a child who has been sexually abused to abuse other children. They cycle of abuse goes on and on. She needs some serious help. If everyone here is so concerned about what she did, why don’t you become apart of the solition and demand justice for her as werll? why aren’t her abusers being tried and put in jail for sexually abusing her? She is a child and although I agree she needs to be punished severly, she also needs help. As a survivor who has overcome, I understand this. How can a child who has been through all of this distinguise between right and wrong if she has never been taught. Be apart of the solution, not apart of the problem. Get the facts, get educated, and get to action. Her abusers are still out there molesting more children as well, creating a fine cycle of more abuse.

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