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More “shit we put up with on deadline”


Every so often I have to remove a dickweed like this guy.

This is how the slippery slope gets watered: WHO DETERMINES ‘APPROPRIATE’?

We took this pic TWO YEARS AGO. Yes, they are PAJAMAS...not daywear.

The sheriff of Jefferson County has announced that the county has instituted a “dress code” for the courthouse.

And for the most part, we’re right behind him on it.

From the “you’ve got to be fuggin kidding me” file…

Yes, this is really Ginger Finley. No, I don't know what she's wearing. Or why.

Sometimes, things get so ridiculous around here we just have to share some of it with you.


Rick White, at a hearing in Wayne County in a case he wasn't so slick about

And I DO mean “mental” in MENTALITY

Ladies & gentlemen, here is our future, and it is DUMB

When I think of "tree-hugger," I automatically see something like THIS....

I know the younger generations are somewhat naive in some areas, but seriously…

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