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Cmon. You know it's true.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced a joint investigation by her office and the Illinois Department of Labor into wage violations and discriminatory practices against immigrant workers employed at Chinese buffet-style restaurants in Illinois.

Read the Lead: The disease scare that cost the taxpayers $$$

corn pickin

Who pays for it when non-residents of the U.S. come into the country on a program funded by the feds, but one among their number comes down with a disease that’s been practically eradicated here, and the discovery prompts a mass health response?


See, annoying public officials and Facebook punks? Even Mr. Rogers thinks you suck.

Better late than never, here are your print headlines for the current issue of Disclosure, which hit the stands last Tuesday and Wednesday, September 10-11

News & Reviews with Jack & Ang Podcast Episode #7

I don't git disruptive durin' da poddcasts. Huh-uh, not me. Iz dem OTHER kittehs knockin all da stuff offa da bar. Imma GOOD kitteh!! REELY!!

Topics covered for Monday, September 12, 2011: 9/11, This Month’s Newspaper Headlines, Ed Conkle, Big Muddy Prison, steroids, Michael Allison, “videotaping” cops scandal, Poor Boys, Brian Ellis, Michael Kleen, illegals, migrant workers, Bruce Cline, meth, arson, tractor parade, gun shots, chowder, underage drinking, sex offender, elder abuse, TrooperGATE, pimp, insurance fraud, fire

News & Reviews with Jack & Ang Podcast Episode #6

Topics covered for Sunday, September 4, 2011: Todd Fort, Nik Fort, Bryan Drew, Simpsons, IYC, DCFS, Eldorado, kids, sex crimes, Ellen Pettijohn, Kelly Fulkerson, newspaper shorts, Richland County board, airport, taxes, emails, whiners, illegal migrants, E’town water, Harrisburg, Mayor Eric Gregg, John McPeak, city hall repair, Ed Conkle, Sandy Conkle, fire, Skip Brownfield, MSM, gardening

Naahh, we don’t have a problem with ‘migrant workers’ here!


Five years ago, we began chronicling problems with illegals, as well as ‘documented migrant workers,’ in southeastern Illinois.

Illegal nearly kills Clay County man Sunday


An illegal listing a residence in Flora as his current ‘home’ was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident Sunday that’s left a Xenia man in serious condition.

Time to think about moving to Alabama


‘Bama has mountains to the north, forests in the middle, and the most stunning Gulf Coast in the deep south….and now, they have what’s being reported as the toughest illegal immigration law in the continental U.S.

Blast from the past: Column from May 17, 2006 issue!

Column by my lovely bride....shown here back in the day, before gray hair.

For some fun Sunday reading, we thought we’d put up the column Ang wrote that appeared in the print version five years ago

Sunday reading around the Internet


Here are some topics and tidbits from around our readership area that are being featured on other websites this lovely Sunday, April 17.

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