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DUI Suspect Allegedly Drinks Vodka While Being Questioned By Cop


This was the Absolut* worst move she could make.

Florida Robbers Who Make Victims Strip Still On The Loose

Broward County sheriff's department still from video

Investigators in Broward County, Florida, are stumped by a rash of armed robberies where the suspects make their victims, including a pregnant woman, take off their clothes.

Join the discussion: Why does Illinois have so many units of local government?


Illinois has more units of local government than any state in the nation, including 1,452 road and bridge districts, 865 school districts, 333 library districts and 21 street lighting districts, in addition to hundreds of townships and municipalities. This surplus can lead to duplication and inefficiency in delivering quality services.

Courts hold state’s future in balance with Illinois pension reform decision


Illinois pension reform decision will make or break state.

Illinois’ bad credit rating remains in a holding pattern until Supreme Court reviews pension reform law


Illinois’ terrible credit rating will stay that way–for now. Credit raters will not act to issue a new credit rating for Illinois until after the 2013 pension reform law has been scrutinized by the state Supreme Court.

Illinois financial report could contain big warning on risky transactions


Back in in 2008/2009, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, American International Group (AIG), basically imploded. Self-inflicted torpedoes took down the huge company, including a massive credit default swap portfolio and complex securities lending transactions.

Betcha didn’t know these 30 Illinois fun facts!


I’ll admit it: It’s easy to lose sight of the great things in Illinois, especially when you’re faced with a broken state government that seems to only work for corrupt politicians.

Illinois taxes its low-income families more than almost every other state


Illinois was named one of five states that imposes a state income tax burden of more than $200 on families living at the national poverty level ($23,624 a year in 2013) by the National Center for Children in Poverty, the second-highest in the country.

Ready for Thanksgiving? Here are 15 cool turkey facts!


Turkeys are plentiful in the Land of Lincoln, but it wasn’t always that way. Unregulated hunted during the 19th century led the state legislature in 1903 to outlaw wild turkey hunting, albeit a little too late.

BRILLIANT! I-594 Requires Background Checks For Nail Guns, Flare Guns

nail gun wiki

When bad bills (or idiotic initiatives) become law, everyone suffers.

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