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Nightly NewsCap: An erratically-busy day in the area, brought to you in AUDIO

nightcap with lemon

Topics covered include: Lawrenceville Casey’s suffers a break-in, one arrested; Carbondale’s “Unofficial” party problems; and a convicted child pornographer in Jackson County is popped on a compliance check.

Nightly NewsCap: News of the day (and weekend) in AUDIO!

nightcap bourbon stock

Topics covered include: Court proceedings from the district courts in southern Illinois this past week; a man suspected of having a diabetic episode wrecks in Marion; Rob Rush turns himself in Saturday; pot chasers overhead in Saline and Gallatin counties, and a special message to Ev.

Nightly NewsCap: Lyndi returns, stitches and all, for your news in AUDIO!!

Yeah...it's a hot one...

Topics covered include: Tyler Smithpeters’ ongoing troubles at SIU-C; a soft lockdown occurred Tuesday in Flora at the high school; weed shortage in and around Jackson County after parolee is busted with a LOT of it; and news out of the fed court on Altamont’s Mislich and Fairfield’s Ewing.

Nightly NewsCap: Ang rounds up the headlines from the weekend and today in AUDIO


Topics covered include: Jailbreak occurs early Saturday morning in Carmi, two men located in Saline County later Saturday, two other Carmi residents hemmed up on Obstruction charges in relation to it; a shooting took place in West Frankfort on Friday, which we covered Saturday; and Tyler Smithpeters’ suspension from playing basketball for the SIU-C Salukis is at issue currently.

Nightly NewsCap: A VERY busy day in the Disclosure area, by Ang & in AUDIO

wine collection

Topics covered include: Press conference held today in Williamson County regarding the death of Lisa Uzzle of Marion on September 6; Morton Grove will be holding a public forum for input on the death of Pravin Varughese; and multiple drug cases make their way through the federal court system in Benton including April Rollinson of Murphysboro, Brant Sizemore and Stephanie Ellis of DuQuoin, and Seth Conway of Percy.

Nightly NewsCap: Ang rounds up the day’s headlines in AUDIO, just for you!

Port wine, stock

Topics covered include: Sentencings over the past month in Saline County, including some big names that we’ve been following over the past couple of years; Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick asks the public to keep an eye out for a missing sex offender in that county; and Stephen E. Bridwell of McLeansboro takes a plea in Hamilton County circuit court to multiple sex crimes after a May arrest and charges.

Nightly NewsCap: A bit of a slow news day, but brought to you by Ang in AUDIO!


Topics covered: The big Saline County grand jury roundup, with names and indictments against those caught up in it; and today was the last day to register to vote without jumping through a couple of little hoops.

Nightly NewsCap: A day’s worth of news headlines for you in AUDIO


Topics covered include: Eldorado couple take a plea to bankruptcy fraud in federal court; and the sentencing of Jasper County resident Rebecca A. Moore in federal court on meth charges.

Nightly NewsCap: Another busy day in the coverage area, brought to you in AUDIO

nightcap stock

A wreck north of Eldorado takes place early this morning; a Flora man calls police last night, having suffered unexplained cut wounds; Flora boy is involved car-bicycle crash on his way to school; fatal vehicle crash occurs near Womble Road in Saline County, takes the life of two Marion residents.

Nightly NewsCap: A VERY busy newsday, brought to you in AUDIO

g&t nightcap

Topics covered include: Marion police are investigating school vandalism; a big hay arson took place in Raleigh; Carbondale’s mayor has announced he’s not running for office in 2015; and a Marion police vehicle is involved in a wreck.

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