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Nightly NewsCap RETURNS! Catching you up on the week in AUDIO


Topics covered include: Shooting in Centralia Monday night takes the life of a 30-year-old man; Steven Larson is charged with serious crimes in New Madrid County, Missouri; a Paris, Illinois man dies from exposure early this week after his truck overturns; Dillion Bailey sentenced to 14 years in Federal Bureau of Prisons on his meth arrest last June; a registered sex offender from Lawrence County who managed to get across the Mexican border is sentenced by the feds; the suicide of Zoie Weatherly; and we’ve restocked this issue and are getting ready to launch into our 14th year…and Jan Payton Burno Mills (whatever) is still ugly!

Nightly NewsCap: A rambunctious weekend and Monday, brought to you in AUDIO


Topics covered include: Two arrests this past week on child sex crime charges, one being Mychal Bush-King, the other, Daniel Heller, both in Flora; homicide investigation underway in the city of Robinson; hostage situation in Hardin County involves multiple agencies, leads to arrest of CH Smock; and if you’re snowed in, you can always hit the e-Edition as opposed to getting this month’s print version off the stands!

Nightly NewsCap: ANOTHER heavy news day, all brought to you in AUDIO

Juiced BLACKBERRIES! Because we can.

Topics covered include: Families of Pravin Varughese and Molly Young hold press conference, travel to the spot outside Carbondale where Pravin died a year ago; 14-year-old female runaway out of Williamson County is being sought; two men, one from Perry County, one from Williamson, are hemmed up on child porn charges by the feds; the man who was caught because he wanted to steal a popsicle in rural Robinson has been sentenced in federal prison; a Jefferson County man gets a stiff sentence from the feds on meth counts; and Kentucky State Police are looking to the public to help them identify remains of a woman who was last seen in 2001.

Nightly NewsCap: Eventful day in the readership area, in AUDIO

celebrate, wine

Topics covered include: Jefferson County man sentenced in federal meth case; Lawrenceville authorities are alerting the public to a series of burglaries going on in the city; a Ridgway man is the victim in a fatal Posey County, Indiana, wreck yesterday.

Nightly NewsCap: Well, THIS turned out to be a busy day!


Topics covered include: Effingham County dispatches of of their drug-induced homicide perps; Ridgway man is sentenced by the feds for growing pot in Gallatin County; two Clay County men are indicted by the feds on meth-related charges; two Richland County people are busted by the feds on meth-related charges; two White County men are sent to federal prison, one for meth, one for child porn; and this month’s issue is on stands, don’t forget to check out the e-Edition as we have e-Edition X-tras this issue!

Nightly NewsCap: RETURNING with a hawt ‘cap for you in AUDIO

wine collection

Topics covered include: Wreck in Marion County last week due to medical incident; man sentenced in Edwards County Friday on multiple charges; Drew Peterson is back in the headlines; fire in Ledford in Saline County has created a firestorm of griping; Steven Larson is charged with a fifth felony in connection with the kidnapping allegation dating back to the end of January; and Jeff Nolan found hanging in his jail cell earlier today.

Nightly NewsCap: A lively news day, but not too busy, in AUDIO

brandy nightcap

Topics covered include: Two teens missing from Lawrence County won’t be returning soon, as they’re facing charges in Texas; suicide reported Monday at Shawnee Correctional Center in Johnson County; and Carbondale city councilman busted on DUI last week.

Nightly NewsCap: News you can use in AUDIO!

nightcap stock

Topics covered include: Lockdown at upstate Illinois prisons prompted by winter storm Linus; Williamson County residents hemmed up on grand jury indictments in federal court, Benton; wreck earlier this evening at Sand Barrens corner in Lawrence County.

Nightly NewsCap: A WEIRD news weekend, brought to you in AUDIO


Topics covered include: Crawford County is running out of burglars to sentence; murder-suicide in Marion but no one knows why; girl’s alleged abductor in Effingham County charged, being held in Missouri; and Timothy Going is finally sentenced in federal court.

Nightly NewsCap: A rather busy day in the area, brought to you in AUDIO

nightcap gin

Topics covered include: Wreck in Lawrence County yesterday kills Washington, Indiana, woman; fire and explosion at casino boat in Metropolis is unexplained by authorities, and an opinion on downstate prisons; Danny Coston loses out on appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court; and a quote from George Orwell about the Super Bowl.

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