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Nightly NewsCap: Capping off your day with news in AUDIO

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Topics covered include: Another set of bomb threats clears out Saline and White counties’ courthouses, but this time there’s been an arrest; woman identified in fatal house fire in White County; and Illinois pension issues are back in the forefront after a judge’s decision rules terminating benefits unconstitutional.

Nightly NewsCap: A light news day in the area, in AUDIO

Red Wine on Summer Day

Topics covered include: Olney’s Nathan Headley gets sentenced in federal court on meth conspiracy and we’re wondering who he’s going to take down with him; and the family of Molly Young issues a press release in the wake of no prosecution two and a half years after her death.

Nightly NewsCap: Catching you up on the news from the past 48 hours in AUDIO

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Topics covered include: Murphysboro ward alderman sentenced to DOC in weird situation dating back to September 2013; special prosecutor declines to follow through with charges in the death of Molly Young; wreck closes down U.S. 45 in rural White County today; Operation Glass House nabs two more suspected child porn distributors, one in Vandalia, one in Centralia.

Nightly NewsCap: Catching you up on a weekend’s worth of news in AUDIO

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Topics covered include: two single vehicle accidents over the weekend, one in Hamilton County and one in Pope County; man from Centralia sentenced in healthcare fraud in district court; and the FreeThoughtProject picks up a story we had last year from Franklin County, regarding Bill McKinney getting a slap on the wrist for killing a man.

Nightly NewsCap: A light news day after a heavy news week, in AUDIO!

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Topics covered include: Plane crash mystery at Edgar County Airport outside of Paris, Illinois; and a man previously convicted of molesting a 9-year-old, who was found living by a school in Fairfield.

Nightly NewsCap: News the way you like it at evening’s end, in AUDIO!

Red Wine on Summer Day

Topics covered include: The Varguese family hits the nation’s capitol to rally support for a thorough investigation into Pravin Varughese’s death in Carbondale in February; and PBL township official in Ford County charged with an assortment of Official Misconduct crimes.

Nightly NewsCap: A light news weekend and day, brought to you in AUDIO!

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Topics covered include: Fire in downtown Marion consumes building used for storage; and SIU interim chancellor’s death.

Nightly NewsCap: Your headlines in AUDIO!

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Topics covered include: Steve Ochs, teacher’s aide at Newton High School, arrested for allegedly masturbating in front of class; Kirby Cheesman takes a plea to sex crime against a Mt. Carmel High School student; and Edgar County Watchdogs make Forbes Magazine.

Nightly NewsCap: Wrapping up election results and other news in AUDIO

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Topics covered include: Wreck in Hamilton County last night results in fatality; and election wrap-up from Saline, Wabash, Lawrence, Richland and Crawford counties.

Nightly NewsCap: An average news day in the area (FINALLY), in AUDIO


Topics covered include: Deadly train crash in Vandalia (Fayette County); Jefferson County sheriff looking for a man impersonating a police officer; and two White county teens are alleged to have stolen three vehicles.

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