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Madigan holds “immigration and hate crimes summit” in response to what she calls “unconstitutional” executive orders

And pointing out the fact that illegals are here illegally is NOT a “hate crime.” It’s reality…and we really wish our legislators would get in it.

Madigan condemns rollback of federal guidance regarding transgender student protections

We’re going to bring you the press release we got from Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office, but we’re going to bring it to you with some common sense attached.

Neat. We have our own ICE detainee here in So. Ill.

Yep. A man that ICE is saying is here illegally is being detained, having been picked up in a February 9 detail.

Bloomington mayor acts like a jerk, gets censured by council

A mayor of a major Illinois city has been the latest added to the ranks of the buffoons among public officials when he lashed out at a prominent citizen journalist recently.

Judiciary Praises Bill to Protect Probation Officers

The chair of the Judicial Conference’s Criminal Law Committee has urged Congress to protect federal probation officers, by giving them the legal authority to give orders to, and arrest if needed, anyone obstructing them from performing their official duties.

MARION: FBOP inmate sentenced to additional 27 months for possessing a weapon

Christopher Leon Hainta, 45, had previously pled guilty to an indictment charging him with that offense, which occurred on July 22, 2016

Statewide reactions to Rauner’s budget address

You could say that these entities are disgruntled, basically.

What IS a “sanctuary city”?

REPORT: Sanctuary Cities receive over $27 billion each year from the Federal Government.

Southern Illinois Predator Challenge takes issue with protest

he group that the protestors on the square in Marion were protesting about Sunday, Southern Illinois Predator Challenge (SIPC), and the protestors’ assertions of that event, has lead to a clarification by SIPC about what their event really was.


Lisa Madigan, giving the legit citizens of Illinois another reason to move into a neighboring state.

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