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Is it drag night at the local showing of Rocky Horror...? No! It's just tha Brittster and a "friend."

It’s your next-to-the-last of 2014’s offerings in Disclosure’s December 2014 issue (meaning we’ll have SIXTEEN issues having been produced in 2014…a record!!), which hit the stands on Tuesday and all vendors now have their copies!

Mass transit district building being converted; plaque of shame removed

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.47.51 PM

EDGAR CO.—The purchase of a former car dealership building in Paris for purposes of a taxpayer-supported entity has brought about dredging up the facts of a long-covered-up area sex offender’s history.

Isaf to deal with another homicide in Edgar

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.45.59 PM

EDGAR CO.—Prosecutor Mark Isaf has another murder on his hands in Edgar County, and residents are hoping that, unlike the last one, he gets this one right.

Successes of county watchdogs have translated to savings of public funds

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.54.17 PM

EDGAR CO.—Despite the hateful rhetoric issued by a handful of petty Paris and Edgar County residents over the work of the group Illinois Leaks (formerly Edgar County Watchdogs), the proof of IL’s success can be tracked by following the money trail.

Cops Assault, Arrest Woman for No Reason, Leave Her Cuffed, Naked in Public for 30 Minutes

Padavick, Candace

The ongoing (and many believe department-encouraged) efforts by many police departments to make criminals out of everyone has gotten out of control, and this is just more proof

Wheatley’s Sexual Abuse Conviction and the Shiloh School Board


When we first reported on Dr. John Wheatley (here) and the fact that he had been arrested, charged, and convicted of criminal sexual abuse and battery of a 16 year old girl, shock-waves were felt throughout the Shiloh School District.

Nightly NewsCap: A light news day after a heavy news week, in AUDIO!

nightcap whiskey

Topics covered include: Plane crash mystery at Edgar County Airport outside of Paris, Illinois; and a man previously convicted of molesting a 9-year-old, who was found living by a school in Fairfield.

Removing a Monument of Pain and Perversion

The plaque in question

There are a lot of things being covered up in Paris, Illinois. Sex perverts can count themselves among that number.

Another Airplane Crash at Edgar County Airport ?


The incident allegedly involved tail number N736AA, a 1977 CESSNA R172K airplane based at the Edgar County Airport

Nightly NewsCap: Headlines from around the region in AUDIO!

nightcap toddy stock

Topics covered include: Bomb threat clears Saline County Courthouse this morning for a couple of hours; child murdered in Paris, mother and her boyfriend arrested; and a very lucky man in Hardin County survives rollover wreck early this morning.

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